Top 10 Best Fly Fishing Hip Packs

Top 10 Best Fly Fishing Hip Packs
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It could be quite difficult to securely carry all of the necessary fly fishing gear to the water. You can carry all the essentials with ease if you select fly fishing bags that fit your needs. There are several variations of these packs available, such as hip packs, backpacks, chest packs, sling packs, and more.

Anglers like the hip-pocketed packs, although all of these are excellent in terms of usefulness. You may quickly flip the bag forward to get access, and they come with a belt that is wrapped around the waist. Turn it to the back to fish conveniently when not in use.

Our experts conducted extensive study and determined that the Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible was the best fly fishing hip pack overall. It is a somewhat adjustable waterproof storage bag that is quite strong. 

See below for additional information about this bag and our other top picks. 

10 Best Fly Fishing Hip Packs

The top ten fly fishing hip packs have been evaluated and divided into waterproof and non-waterproof categories. To begin with:

Best Waterproof Hip Packs

Here are some fantastic options if you detest the thought of fly fishing with non-waterproof bags and need one that will keep your belongings dry at all costs.

1. Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Waterproof Carrier Bag, Eco Yucca, 18: Best Fly Fishing Hip Pack

Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible Waterproof Carrier Bag, Eco Yucca, 18

The priciest option on our list is this waterproof model from Fishpond. There is a single, spacious main compartment with enough storage. Waterproof TIZIP zippers in the main pocket safeguard the contents within. 

The size of the compartment impressed us; it could easily include fly boxes, a tackle box, an additional reel, soft drink cans, and a few other items. Additionally, there is an external pocket, but sadly it is not waterproof. 

No matter how long you spend in the water, the hip belt will provide the most comfort because it is fairly wide and padded. This is unquestionably the best option ever if money is not an issue for you.


  • Outstanding robustness
  • Seawater doesn’t cause zippers to rust
  • Really light


  • There is not a watertight outer pocket
  • Incredibly expensive


This amazing fly fishing hip bag is useful for deep fly fishing on freshwater or saltwater flats.

2. Simms Tributary Hip Pack: Best Fishing Fanny Pack Of All Time

Simms Tributary Hip Pack

The Simms tributary hip pack is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a hugely roomy, long-lasting backpack. While moisture is kept out of the bag by the polyurethane coating, the waterproof nylon fabric guarantees dryness throughout. 

This bag’s durability and specific sections for essential fly fishing gear, such as fly boxes and tippets, make it the best choice ever. We were able to conveniently store hooks, flies, an additional reel, chewing gum, and sunscreen in its spacious main pocket. The adaptability is simply one more outstanding element that makes it a fantastic option. The main purpose of the design is to wear it as a fanny pack. But we could also use the longer strap as a sling pack across our bodies. It might not be an affordable option for all fishermen, given the cost.


  • Stretch pocket with internal mesh
  • A large amount of storage
  • Several carry choices


  • A little pricey


The Simms tributary hip pack is among the best fly fishing packs available; it is a very useful and adaptable equipment.

3. Orvis Waterproof Hip Pack: Best Chest And Hip Pack For Fly Fishing

Orvis Waterproof Hip Pack

Unlike the Orvis Guide pack, this hip pack is composed of recyclable materials. But it only holds three liters, or one-third of the volume of that pack. In spite of this, the durability of this pack completely caught us off guard. 

Our anglers tested this bag on a variety of fly-fishing excursions since it’s the best waterproof fanny pack, and none of the gear got wet. For optimal convenience, the tippet whippet docking station comes with a bar.

There was never any trouble carrying this bag because it features a detachable shoulder strap and a hidden hip strap. Regretfully, the padding is limited to the shoulder straps. But since the hip strap is only used for light packing, it doesn’t put any tension on the body.


  • Very robust
  • No shoulder or back strain
  • Features a fly selection box


  • Straps without padding


For an incredible experience, get your hands on one of the best and most adaptable fly fishing hip packs at a reasonable price.

4. Simms Freestone Water Resistant Outdoor Fanny Pack with Pockets, Pewter: Best Modular Fly Fishing Hip Pack

Simms Freestone Water Resistant Outdoor Fanny Pack with Pockets, Pewter

The Freestone hip pack from Simms is an amazing piece of convenience. It’s made to house all of your fly fishing gear in one location. It is quite comfortable and simple to use, especially for lengthy sessions, thanks to its modular architecture. 

This bag is a compression-molded box with a single compartment that is secured with a zipper, in contrast to its rivals. The front of the backpack folds down to a perfect platform for rigging as soon as you open it. 

What contributes to the overall price of this pack is the full-sized foam fly retention panel on the exterior and molle webbing through the waist belt. Comfort and a reduction in perspiration are provided by the breathable air mesh covering the perforated EVA foam.


  • Includes a tipping caddy and has a floatant holster
  • Holds big water bottles
  • Has a DWR finish for waterproofing


  • Incredibly costly


This is an excellent pick from Simms if you are seeking the best hip bag for fishing and money is not a problem. 

Best Non-Waterproof Hip Packs

The following are excellent options if you’re seeking for the best fly fishing hip packs that can’t be waterproofed. 

1. Orvis Guide Hip Pack: Best Full-Size Fly Fishing Hip Pack

Orvis Guide Hip Pack

Are you an experienced angler who requires a big bag because you fish for long periods of time? You need to employ this organizational powerhouse. This bag is also ideal for anglers who have a lot of gear to store and who camp for several days. With nine liters of capacity in the main compartment, this bag is a great option for a full-size bag.

As a comprehensive guide pack, it has a water bottle holder, net holster, tippet spool, and fly patch. We made use of all these pockets, and they managed to hold everything rather nicely. There are many flexible mesh sorting pockets and a couple drop-in ones in the main pocket. 

The astounding number of compartments helped us keep organized throughout the fishing excursion. In fact, the bag gets too heavy to handle with just the waist belt when it is fully loaded. The extra supportive neck strap that the producers inserted relieves pressure on the waist. Considering the cost, waterproofing should be included.


  • Symbolic pockets
  • Whippet docking station tippet
  • Really roomy


  • Not resistant to water
  • Expensive


The Orvis guide hip pack allows you to carry the heavyweight with maximum comfort without any inconvenience.

2. Allen Company Eagle River Lumbar Pack: Best Padded Fly Fishing Hip Pack

Allen Company Eagle River Lumbar Pack

With its sturdy inside and elegant exterior, the Allen Eagle pack is a great option for any angler. The cushioned waist belt with netting that keeps you from perspiring while carrying the bag is its best feature. It also features a detachable, cushioned neck strap for additional support. 

The backpack features many D-rings on the compartments for attaching different accessories. We could fit two fly boxes, a 9-inch tackle box, an additional reel, and sunglasses within the roomy interior compartment. 

The inside fabric color of brilliant yellow made it very easy to locate items in dim light. Even though it is not as roomy as the Orvis guide pack, this amazing bag still has several compartments to keep everything organized. It lasts a long time and costs half as much as Orvis.


  • Belt with padded mesh waist
  • Straps to fit a range of accessories
  • Waterproof pocket with an internal zipper


  • Wouldn’t feel light without the collar


All things considered, this fly fishing hip pack from Allen Eagle River is among the best available at a reasonable cost.

3. White River Fly Shop Aventur1 Lumbar Waist Pack – Tan: Best Fly Fishing Waist Packs Under $30

White River Fly Shop Aventur1 Lumbar Waist Pack - Tan

On a limited budget and looking for the best fishing hip packs? This bag includes everything you need. This is somewhat less roomy than the Orvis or Allen Eagle backpacks, but still plenty for the price. A tiny to medium-sized fly box, a tackle box, a fish scale, forceps, and sunglasses were all found within the main compartment, according to our observations. 

It is designed for anglers who fish less often and only need a storage bag for little packing. The external compartment has a mesh pocket. There are two additional pliable mesh compartments on the exterior, though. 

Our team members may share the backpack on travels together because of the flexible waist strap. There is some comfort because the waist strap is cushioned on half of it. There is an additional cushioned mesh neck strap for increased security.


  • Outstanding value for the money
  • Easy to carry
  • Perfect for novices


  • Zip-free front pockets


This tiny bag is a true gemstone at its affordable price, giving you cozy storage for all the fly fishing supplies.

4. Fishpond Waterdance Guide Pack, Driftwood: Best Guide Fly Fishing Hip Pack

Fishpond Waterdance Guide Pack, Driftwood

An additional comprehensive guidebook for anglers who need a lot of storage space. The Fishpond Waterdance Guide Pack is significantly less costly than the Orvis Guide Pack and offers almost identical functionality. It includes two substantial compartments and a maximum storage capacity of 7.7 liters. 

The bag has Fishpond’s recognizable, conveniently accessible fly bench. The best part is that if the foam gets worn out or broken, you can replace it. Our water bottles were safely kept in place by the two mesh holders on either side of the backpack. If your bottle is less than the diameter of the pocket, the drawstring helps to tighten the pocket. 

One must utilize the neck strap for support since the waist strap cannot handle the weight of a fully laden guide pack. For a person who is 5’11”, the strap reaches its maximum extension; for anyone taller than this, it will likely be too short. 


  • Enormous amount of storage
  • Fly bench zipped down for convenient access
  • Backing made of padded mesh for breathability and comfort


  • Although they are strong, zippers will rust in seawater
  • For taller persons, the neck strap can be too short


Given its many useful applications, it is reasonable to say that this guide bag is among the best fly fishing hip packs available. Furthermore, Fishpond guarantees all of its goods for life.

5. Fishpond Switchback Pro Wading Belt Pack System Fly Fishing Waist Pack: Best Fishing Hip Bag System

fishpond Switchback Pro Wading Belt Pack System Fly Fishing Waist Pack

Everything you would anticipate from a premium company such as Fishpond is included in this bag. Despite being one of the priciest hip packs on our list, it is well worth the money. The overall volume of 5 liters is more than plenty.

The rail-like strap is the most distinctive feature that elevates this bag to the status of excellent hip pack system. It makes it simple to slip the pack in front. There are two stretchy pockets and an interior divider in the roomy compartment. These assisted us in maintaining our item organization. 

We stored the fly box, which provided easy access, in the outside pocket. Additionally, we carried our net on the pack’s back. Considering how expensive the bag is, it would have been preferable if it was water-resistant.


  • Drop-down pocket with magnet
  • Really comfy to put on
  • Shoulder strap fly pad attachments


  • Not resistant to water


In terms of comfort and convenience, Fishpond never ceases to astound its customers, and the Switchback Pro hip pack is no exception.

6. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Bag with Adjustable Waist Strap, Portable Multi-function Fanny Fishing Storage Pack: Best Fly Fishing Hip Packs Under $20

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Bag with Adjustable Waist Strap, Portable Multi-function Fanny Fishing Storage Pack

When it comes to fly fishing hip packs that are under budget, Piscifun is one of the most affordable options on our list right now. There are two hook and loop fasteners, a water bottle holder, and five exterior compartments on this pack. 

Regarding the main pocket, it has enough room to accommodate the necessities. During our brief fly-fishing excursions, we utilized this device and kept a 9-inch tackle box, a fly box, an additional reel, and sunscreen within the bag. There was enough space for every tiny object and the items weren’t too tight.

Because of this pack’s adaptability, customers may use it for wading, hiking, and fishing. Despite being a waist bag, the strap is incredibly adjustable, reaching up to 56 inches in length. 


  • Water-resistant nylon fabric
  • Outstanding value for the money
  • Concealed anti-theft pocket


  • Inadequate zippers


Without going over budget, keep your essential fly fishing gear safe and sound in this robust yet lightweight backpack from Piscifun. 

Buying Guide

Having the best hip packs for fly fishing might save you a lot of frustration. However, a few things make any product perfect. When making a purchase, be sure to take the following into account. 

1. Sturdiness 

A sturdy fly fishing hip pack is essential, regardless of whether you fly fish on the weekends or not. The outdoors may be harsh, particularly for delicate fishing equipment. As a result, you cannot use any ordinary bag in adverse weather circumstances that cannot support the weight. 

Selecting a fishing hip pack that is durable enough to withstand repeated use is crucial. 

2. Water-resisting

Fly fishing requires nearly total submersion of the body in the water, thus having a pack with water-resistance qualities helps to keep your equipment dry. These bags come in quite handy when it comes to keeping your belongings safe during rainy days or when camping. 

You may also get by fine with non-waterproof fishing packs if you fish the water for short periods of time. 

3. Compartments

Compartment-based fishing bags are far superior to those with only one compartment. It helps the angler to maintain organization and store things according to categories. Additionally, you may keep dry and moist goods apart by using various compartments. 

However, hip packs are typically too small to hold your best boots for fly fishing or wet wading, which you can store in some of the best wader bags we’ve recently tested.

4. Comfortable

You already have to remain in the water as a fly angler in order to capture your target species. You don’t want your fishing hip pack to cause you any more pain. To relieve some of the pressure around your waist, look for a bag with cushioned straps. You will eventually have a better fishing experience if you are at your most comfortable. 


What should I keep in my hip pack for fly fishing?

Everything you need for fly fishing, including the best fly reel, fishing line, fly boxes, leads, tippets, and other essentials, should be included in a fly fishing bag. It may also be used to store things like chewing gum, sunglasses, and sunscreen. 

Which is better: the waist pack, the chest pack, or the hip pack?

Every kind of fly fishing pack is distinct and breathtaking in its own right. Hip and best fly fishing chest packs are excellent options for fly fishing in shallow waters. Similar to this, chest packs are ideal in deeper water as you need to keep your bag above the water to keep it dry. 


The ultimate choice of fly fishing hip packs eventually comes down to your style of fishing. For instance, it is best to have a submersible or waterproof fanny pack if you want to perform it in deep water. On the other hand, non-waterproof hip packs work quite well for shallow fly fishing. The Fishpond Thunderhead Submersible was one of the products that really caught our attention during our field testing with many packs. It is quite roomy, incredibly pleasant to carry for extended periods of time, and incredibly sturdy—even in adverse conditions.

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