Top 10 Best Fly Fishing Sling Pack

Top 10 Best Fly Fishing Sling Pack
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For fly fishing, backpacks come in a variety of styles, such as slings, waist, chest, and hip packs. On the other hand, no other bag style can equal the comfort and convenience that fishing slings offer when out on the water. It really changes the game when you can carry all of your necessary fishing gear in your arms. 

The best fly fishing sling pack has excellent durability, comfortable design, water resistance, lots of storage, and quick accessibility. Sling packs are suitable for all skill levels, regardless of experience level in fly fishing. 

The Fishpond Summit Sling Pack 2.0 is the best fly fishing sling pack according to our experts’ reviews, and it is at the top of the list. It’s strong, portable, breathable, spacious enough to fit a lot of stuff, and a wonderful fishing buddy.

How to Choose the Best Fly Fishing Sling Packs?

A fly fishing sling pack has only one strap that you wrap around your chest. This makes it the perfect hybrid of a fly fishing hip pack (one strap as well that you wear around your hip) and a backpack. You sling the pack around your chest, hence the name sling pack.

best fly fishing sling packs

Most of the packs are really lightweight coming in around 1-2 pounds and can hold around 15 liters. The choice you have to make is whether you want a regular fly fishing sling that can carry your gear on a dry day or whether you want a waterproof pack (or even a submersible one). In this guide we’ll present you our favorites from both sections.

Top 10 Best Fly Fishing Sling Packs

Learn more about the top fly fishing sling packs and see what some of our top manufacturers have to offer by reading these reviews on fly fishing sling packs.

1. Fishpond Summit Fly Fishing Sling Pack 2.0: Overall Best Fly Fishing Sling Pack

fishpond Summit Fly Fishing Sling Pack 2.0

This specific device became our top fly fishing sling pack for a number of reasons. For instance, it offers great organization in storing each thing in the pack according to category. Several goods may be easily stored thanks to the seven compartments and bottom bottle holder. 

Inside the bag, our anglers had two fly boxes, one gearbox, a three-piece rod, two spare reels, and two cans of soft drink. There was still enough space for a rolled jacket, for example. The fact that there are several tags and attachment places for different kinds of instruments is noteworthy. 

The standout feature of this kit is the shoulder pad workstation. It facilitates easy access to the things you require most. Water-resistant zippers are included to shield it from saltwater corrosion. The shoulder strap and cushioned mesh back made it quite comfy the entire time. 


  • Integrated protective net
  • Water bottle receptacle with a cord lock
  • Schematic compartments


  • Costly


This Fishpond product is, in fact, the best fly fishing sling pack for extended periods of time without experiencing any kind of discomfort.

2. Orvis Fly Fishing Sling Pack – Sand Backpack with Docks for Accessories, 11-Liter Storage Capacity: Best Compact

Orvis Fly Fishing Sling Pack - Sand Backpack with Docks for Accessories, 11-Liter Storage Capacity

Thanks to its upscale offerings, Orvis has become a household name in the fishing business. This shoulder bag for fly fishing is just another illustration of the company’s remarkable quality. This bag’s amazing 11-liter storage capacity sets it apart from the competition. 

The main pocket of the bag has ample space to accommodate a large quantity of goods. Everything from drink cans to munchies, fly boxes to big tackle boxes, and much more. Regarding the secondary bag, it has sufficient space to hold rigging supplies, weights, leads, and other items. When needed, we could quickly swing the sack in front to use it as a workstation. 

No matter how often you use it, this pack is an investment that only has to be made once and should last for several years. Durability is ensured by the polyester yarn with TPU coating. This fly fishing sling pack features a left-handed strap to prevent interruptions to your throwing arm. It is the best fishing sling pack made by Orvis because of its enormous capacity and ease of use. 


  • Extremely spacious
  • Top-quality zippers
  • Workstation with shoulder pads


  • Might be a little snug across the shoulder for taller users


This Ovis product is a fantastic sling fishing backpack when considering features and pricing. 

3. Simms Freestone Right Shoulder Tactical Fishing Sling Pack: Best Premium

Simms Freestone Right Shoulder Tactical Fishing Sling Pack

Not only the priciest bag on our list right now, but most likely the most costly of all of its rivals as well. It is unique and more expensive overall due to its many features. It comes in an ambidextrous orientation to begin with. Having said that, wearing it the other way around from your casting arm will let you feel it uninterrupted. 

That’s a fantastic 15 liter capacity. It is far more costly than the formidable Orvis Sling Pack because it is much more. The bag is large enough to hold all the essentials, including camera equipment, tippets, fly boxes, reels, breakdown rods, and clippers. 

Its four-way zipper entrance and dedicated net holding are what really make it remarkable. We were able to access the bag from the top, bottom, and all sides thanks to this feature. This made it extremely easy and quick to reach anything in the bag. It is not waterproof, which is to be expected given the price.


  • Straps for compression to store rods
  • Really cozy cushioned shoulder strap
  • Many pockets for organization


  • Not resistant to water
  • Incredibly costly


This bag is for all the serious fly fishers out there that demand the best fly fishing sling pack and don’t want to skimp on quality. It won’t have any problems for many years to come.

4. Fishpond USA Flathead Sling Pack: Best Sling Pack With Net Holder

Fishpond USA Flathead Sling Pack

Fishpond takes much attention and thought into the design of its bags. Nevertheless, every one of its fly fishing backpacks has the appropriate attribute that a fisherman seeks. People adore investing in this product, and we did too, despite the fact that it is one of the most expensive on our list. Its durability is unquestionable, even if it is extremely lightweight. 

There are two dividers in the main compartment of the bag to help with the appropriate organization of fishing supplies and other gear. This keeps the dry and damp materials apart. Two large water bottle holders are included in the backpack since it’s crucial to stay hydrated. While there are net holders on some other models as well, the one in this set is rather big and secures the net.

You may wear it over either shoulder, like with the Simms Freestone pack, depending on your choice. A few members of our crew needed additional support while the bag was loaded. Fortunately, there is an extra cross-body strap included with this bag to assist with that.


  • Ten liters of space for storing
  • External magnetic pocket
  • Thin and light


  • Expensive
  • Not waterproof or water-resistant


All things considered, the Fishpond Flathead backpack makes it difficult to choose the finest fly fishing sling pack with plenty of storage, toughness, a net holder, and ease.

5. Orvis Mini Sling Pack (26B2) Shoulder Strap Tackle Backpack: Best For Women

Orvis Mini Sling Pack (26B2) Shoulder Strap Tackle Backpack

Searching for a good backpack that women anglers may also occasionally carry? Orvis’s compact pack is a fantastic option. As the name implies, the bag has five liters of storage capacity and is smaller than its rivals. For ladies who spend short periods of time on the water, it is still enough. 

This bag should have been inexpensive given its overall size and capacity, but it isn’t. It instantly turns into a workstation for us as we swing the bag to the front. The front docking stations were a hit with our anglers since they provided great convenience. The team’s female anglers made use of the area and kept some really incredible items in there. This contains a spare reel, fishing line, a cell phone, sunglasses, clippers, lip balm, and a pocket torch. You have to squeeze the water bottle inside the bag as there isn’t a special holder for it.


  • Crafted from robust but recyclable materials
  • Straps with padding
  • Tippet caddy up front


  • Missing of a water bottle holder
  • Not ideal for extended fishing excursions


Searching for a women’s fishing backpack of superior quality? With exceptional durability, the Orvis tiny sling pack is a fantastic option.

6. Kylebooker Fly Fishing Sling Pack Fishing Tackle Storage Shoulder Bag: Best Budget Friendly

Kylebooker Fly Fishing Sling Pack Fishing Tackle Storage Shoulder Bag

An angler’s only concerns while looking for the best fly fishing sling pack are capacity and long-lasting sturdiness. With seven pockets for simple organizing, this amazing bag offers a lot more than many high-end options like Simms and Orvis.

The bag features a built-in fly patch, a D-ring for a landing net, and an additional pocket for a water bottle on the front. This is our favorite feature. On the other hand, the rear features velcro for an additional fly patch, a net pocket, and a D-ring for the tippet bar. 

The bag has cushioned straps and a ventilated back panel despite its inexpensive price. We were able to travel in luxury and maintain our freshness as a result. Because of its great adjustability, the strap suits our 5’11” member perfectly.


  • Numerous choices for attachment
  • Reasonable storage
  • Accessible with ease


  • Not very robust


The best fly fishing sling pack that can withstand little water splashes and still perform superbly is this one from Kylebooker.

7. Piscifun Fishing Tackle Bag with Rod & Gear Holder: Best Sling Pack With Rod Holder

Piscifun Fishing Tackle Bag with Rod & Gear Holder

A reasonably priced sling bag including a specific fly fishing rod holder? Sounds fantastic. Piscifun offers several excellent fly fishing bags with respectable features and affordable prices. This one is made to give hunters and anglers alike the best amount of ease.

Its two sturdy belts that are intended to hold fly fishing rods are its primary feature, aside from everything else. Even the priciest sling packs, like the Simms Freestone and Fishpond Flathead backpacks, don’t usually have this function. These rods allowed us to position our long rods with ease and without any problems. 

The exterior water-resistant fabric and inside waterproof cushion make it even more exceptional than other options. All of the expensive solutions listed above are lacking in this. Even though the compartments are tiny, we could still fit all of our essential fly fishing equipment within.


  • Highly versatile shoulder strap
  • Very robust
  • Interior that is waterproof


  • Tiny pockets


The Piscifun tackle bag is the best option for purchasing a fly fishing sling pack at an affordable price that has excellent features. 

8. Simms Fishing Products Tributary Sling Pack: Best Ambidextrous

Simms Fishing Products Tributary Sling Pack

This ambidextrous sling pack would be a great option if you enjoy sharing your sling pack with loved ones. Its form is similar to a backpack even though it is a compact pack. It lacks the several pockets that the Piscifun tackle bag has for intricate organizing. 

There are two pockets on the bag overall: one on the outside and one within the main section. In terms of storage, it’s very decent; we piled in fly boxes, tackle boxes, reels, beverages, sunscreen, and a wrapped jacket

This bag’s adjustable shoulder strap with plush cushioning allows it to accommodate all shapes and sizes. The things are easily accessible by turning the bag, however the strap lacks connection points. 


  • Waterproof
  • Well-crafted for durability
  • Readily rotates to the front


  • Absence of a water bottle holder
  • Lacks tool attachment points


This Simms sling bag is a great option if you want comfort, durability, and a manageable storage space. 

9. Teton – Sling Pack for Fly Fishing: Best Entry-Level

Teton – Sling Pack for Fly Fishing

Features of many expensive options are available in this pack for a quite affordable price. For instance, its incredibly low weight makes carrying the filled bag a breeze. In addition, three luxury YKK zippers in the pockets aid in organizing the contents. 

We used one compartment to house fly boxes, reels, tackle boxes, and clippers. On the other hand, everything like wallets, sunglasses, sunscreen, and keys were in one. One drawback of the bag is that it doesn’t have a bottle holder, however the individual compartments provided excellent storage space. 

When the outermost container is flipped down, a workspace is instantly created. We can quickly reach it thanks to the foam fly patch that comes with it. We like that the foam fly patch could be velcroed on the outside of the pocket in addition to its inside. 


  • Fabric that resists tears
  • Includes a net holder
  • Excellent for regular fishing


  • Without a bottle holder


Given its features and cost, it is reasonable to say that this fly fishing sling pack is the best available.

10. M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Fly Fishing Vest Pack: Best Value For Money

M MAXIMUMCATCH Maxcatch Fly Fishing Vest Pack

The M Maximumcatch sling pack is more feature-rich at a lower cost, making it a good bargain. It’s because the bag has a feature that very few sling bags have: water resistance. 

Similar in form to the Kylebooker sling bag, this one has several tool attachments and an inventive layout. There’s so much more, including integrated fly attachments, secret spring clasps, water bottle pocket, landing net holder, and D-ring for a tippet. 

Nevertheless, this bag easily accommodates a wide range of items. The mesh-covered breathable lining at the rear is another element that adds to its excellent quality and affordability. It keeps the perspiration off your back and maximizes comfort.


  • Lightweight
  • Waist strap made of nylon for support
  • Diagrammatic attachments and compartments Cons


  • Those with bigger girths might not be able to wear the waist belt


There is nothing more satisfying than locating the best fly fishing sling pack with all the features an angler could possibly need at the ideal price.

Buying Guide

A few key considerations are necessary to determine which sling packs are ideal for fly fishing. You need to understand what you’re going to pay for. When making a purchase, be sure to take the following factors into account. 

1. Volume of Storage

As an angler, you should always have a few essentials with you on fly fishing trips. The bag needs to be big enough to fit all of the fishing gear, including leader, fly fishing tippet, fly reels, fishing lines, fly boxes, tackle boxes, and so on. Additionally, it has to include a distinct section for things like your wallet, keys, cell phone, etc. The best fly fishing sling pack with a retractor may also be used to hook your wading staff.

The volume of a sling pack is expressed in liters. One that holds more than 10 liters is usually very roomy and can accommodate around four full-sized fly boxes. Sling packs typically don’t have enough room to hold your wading boots or fly fishing waders. It is advised that they use a different bag, such as the best wader bag.

2. Availability 

Enough storage is necessary, but so is convenient availability. You won’t have time to locate goods in the bag while submerged in the water. Having said that, it has to have easily accessible compartments so you can take items in and out without removing the pack.

3. Establishment

A bag with several pockets and sections is far more useful than one big pocket. Several little pockets and one main compartment keep you tidy. 

It enables anglers to organize their belongings into distinct compartments. By doing this, you may avoid wasting time looking for items that have been thrown into one pocket. 

4. Water Resistant

Even if you are partially or completely submerged in the water, the waterproof fishing sling pack’s fabric prevents water from penetrating inside and contaminating your belongings. 

5. Comfort 

Many fly fishers choose to ignore this problem, which eventually causes strains in their necks, shoulders, and backs. You should definitely get a fish sling bag with cushioned straps because you will be spending a lot of time in the water. Additionally, there should be a decent amount of adjustment on the strap.


Which is better for fishing: a waist pack or a sling pack?

When you use your fly fishing hip packs less frequently, they perform at their best. Compared to the sling pack, these are less capacity. In contrast, a sling pack has plenty of storage and a comfortable strap that makes it suitable for extended fishing excursions.

Which is better for fly fishing? A sling pack or a vest?

Sling packs are made to conveniently hold and provide simple access to all of your fly fishing necessities in one location. It has a ton of storage space for fly boxes, water bottles, reeks, rain gear, and much more. All of the weight is distributed evenly thanks to the cushioned shoulder straps on these. 
Conversely, vests can’t hold larger objects but do contain several pockets for smaller, necessary items. But with them, you can reach everything without having to put your luggage in the front. The ultimate decision depends on your fishing style and personal preferences.

Can my fishing rod be stored inside the sling fly fishing bag?

Some sling bags, though not all of them, may accommodate fishing rods. A breakdown rod is usually more simple to store than a single-construction one. Additionally, certain sling bags with tube straps are available specifically for storing these rods. 


Sling packs are the best option for any angler looking for a storage pack that isn’t too heavy on their shoulders and back. Although there are many different types of these bags available, a fly fisherman’s best fly fishing sling pack will rely on its qualities. 

It needs to be extremely durable and have enough storage space. We thought the Fishpond Summit Sling Pack 2.0 was an incredibly smart option based on our expertise. It offers everything a fly fisherman might want without going over budget. 

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