13 Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses

13 Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses
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Playing sports outside without sunglasses? Definitely not! Therefore, having a solid pair of sunglasses is a must when it comes to water sports like fly fishing. Generally speaking, polarized sunglasses are thought to be the greatest fly fishing sunglasses since they provide increased clarity, making it simpler to locate fish in coastal locations.

Furthermore, the best polarized sunglasses for fly fishing need to shield your eyes from damaging UV rays. With so many choices, it might be difficult to decide which is ideal. In order to assist, we conducted interviews with seasoned outdoor enthusiasts, such as campers, bikers, skiers, and fishermen, to learn about their recommended products. 

We are searching for polarized sunglasses that are impact-resistant, have the optimum sizing to accommodate the majority of head shapes, and are lightweight enough to be kind on the nose bridge from dawn to twilight.

The low light ignitor sunglasses from Smith that Guide recommends is the greatest option for you when it comes to the best fly fishing sunglasses overall. These sunglasses, which come with Prizm Sapphire Polarized technology, are truly revolutionary.

We were compelled to examine a few of Costa, Maui Jim, Smith, and Oakley’s special selections. Although it’s difficult to surpass these options, their sunglasses are often more expensive. To include some less well-known sunglasses companies to our list of impartial recommendations, we thus checked some more. 

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, I don’t have specific information on the latest fly fishing sunglasses available in the market. However, I can provide a general guide on what to look for in fly fishing sunglasses, along with a list of features, pros and cons, FAQs, and a conclusion that you can use as a reference when researching the latest products. Keep in mind that the specific products and their details may have changed since my last update.

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Features to Consider:

  • Polarization: Essential for reducing glare and improving visibility in water.
  • Lens Material: Look for high-quality materials like polycarbonate or glass for durability.
  • Lens Color: Brown, copper, or amber lenses are popular for fly fishing as they enhance contrast and depth perception.
  • Frame Material: Lightweight and durable materials like nylon or TR90 are preferable.
  • Fit: A comfortable and secure fit is crucial for long hours on the water.
  • UV Protection: Ensure the sunglasses offer 100% UV protection to shield your eyes from harmful rays.
  • Ventilation: Good ventilation prevents fogging, especially during temperature changes.
  • Hydrophobic Coating: A coating that repels water can help maintain clear vision in wet conditions.

13 Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses in 2023

High-quality fly fishing goggles are UV protected, polarized, pleasant to wear, and floatable. Based on these characteristics, we selected the top fly fishing sunglasses, and our assessment of polarized sunglasses is provided below.

1. Smith Guide’s Choice Sunglasses/ Low Light Ignitor: Overall Best Polarized Sunglasses

Smith Guide’s Choice Sunglasses – Polarized Performance Sports Active Sunglasses

The Smith Guide’s selection is useful if you’re seeking sunglasses only for inshore fishing and low light situations. Not only did we say so, but other veterans also attested to these sunglasses’ superior performance in freshwater environments.

These sunglasses boost colors and contrast by filtering out particular wavelengths of light through the use of patented Chromapop technology in the lenses. As a consequence, watching becomes more lively and natural.


With fly fishing sunglasses, the color of the lens is a crucial factor to take into account, and this choice offers a range of lens color possibilities. For shallow water, amber or copper lenses work best because they boost contrast and increase vision in low light. 


Fishing is an adventurous and dynamic activity. Impacts from falls, unexpected gusts of wind, and misplaced casts can cause scratches or even break the lenses. We were happy that Guide’s selection endured as its frame and lenses did not fade or become discolored due to exposure to UV radiation or intense sunlight.


If your face is wider or your head is bigger, the Smith Guide’s Choice sunglasses should fit you nicely. During vigorous fishing, the nose pads and temples may be adjusted to provide a secure fit that won’t come off. Good coverage and sun protection are offered by the wrap-around design.


For the price, they are sure bang for your buck.


  • Polarized glasses
  • Come in an assortment of color choices
  • When fishing actively, stay put
  • Withstand elements and salt water
  • ChromaPop technology, comfortable fit


  • May not fit smaller head sizes
  • Expensive

What makes them worth buying?

The Smith Low Light Ignitor sunglasses are the best low light fly fishing sunglasses because they are made to offer improved visibility and visual clarity in a variety of low light situations. Aside from this, they are among the top fishing sunglasses available on Amazon.

2. Costa Del Mar Men’s Blackfin Round Sunglasses: Best Trout Fishing Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar Men's Blackfin Round Sunglasses

One of the best sunglasses for trout fishing, the Costa Del Mar Blackfin, is featured in our collection of the top fishing sunglasses.

When it comes to providing an angler with remarkable clarity in their eyesight during day fishing, Costa Del Mar Blackfin sunglasses are often considered the greatest option. It’s difficult to identify the quickest striped marlin throughout the trial unless you use durable Costa Blackfin sunglasses.


To begin with, Blackfin lenses are composed of premium glass or polycarbonate, which provides superior clarity and UV protection. The lenses are polarized to lessen glare from the water’s surface and come in a range of hues to accommodate varying lighting situations. When it comes to providing excellent glare-reduction capabilities, Costa Blackfin is still the best.


The Blackfin’s broad wrap-around frame and non-slip nose cushions provide a snug and comfortable fit. A retractable retention band is another feature of the sunglasses that helps keep them in place during vigorous activities. The Blackfin is nevertheless resilient and long-lasting whether you’re fly-casting in choppy streams or saltwater fishing. 

Conversely, if your head or face is larger than average, the Blackfin sunglasses’ wrap-around shape may restrict your field of view.

Because of their sturdy frame, the sunglasses are rather hefty, which some people find unpleasant, especially when wearing them for lengthy periods of time.


I have contrasted the Smith Optics Guide’s Choice with the Blackfin. Anglers who value color and contrast improvement could choose the latter, while those who value glare reduction and a wrap-around frame design might prefer the Costa Del Mar Blackfin.


  • Encircling style
  • A snug fit
  • Polarized glasses
  • Worth for the money
  • Excellent polarization, durable, scratch-resistant


  • Expensive polarized sunglasses

Why are they worth buying?

For trout and bonefish fishing, Costa Del Mar Blackfin sunglasses are a terrific option since they offer superior clarity, polarization, and UV protection. They are also comfortable and robust enough to survive the demands of the sport.

3. HUK, Polarized Lens Eyewear With Performance Frames: Best Fishing Sunglasses Under $100

HUK, Polarized Lens Eyewear With Performance Frames, Fishing, Sports & Outdoors Sunglasses

The expensive fishing sunglasses are still unbreakable, of course, but fishers may still misplace them. Thus, the HUK is a well-liked option if you want to avoid mourning the loss of a pair of sunglasses that cost more than $200. These are the best fishing sunglasses under $100, costing only $60 and including all the features found in some of the more expensive models.

Huk’s polarized lenses provide the same level of clarity, which is essential for identifying fish. These sunglasses well above our testers’ expectations by showing almost no splotches in both fresh and saltwater.

You may use these lightweight sunglasses for the whole day of fishing without experiencing any discomfort. The nose cushions and rubber temple tips provide a secure fit.


Depending on the exact hue and tint of the lens, some users have reported that the lenses are either too bright or too dark for a given situation. Additionally, they stated that with repeated usage, the tint has a tendency to peel off.

Huk sunglasses are accompanied with a cleaning cloth and protective bag to ensure their longevity. For this reason, whether fly fishing is new to you or you are not a regular fisherman, we suggest making an investment in this product. A pricey model is usually a lifelong investment for aficionados.

If the fading, shattering, and loosing of the lens tints on pricey fishing sunglass models bothers you, this option is a great purchase.


  • Enhanced visibility
  • Excellent in a variety of lighting situations
  • Capacity to endure extreme weather conditions
  • Budget selection


  • The color is prone to fading

What makes them worth buying?

A lot of outdoor enthusiasts and fishermen choose Huk polarized sunglasses because of their strong construction and premium lenses. The most amazing thing about Huk sunglasses is its frame, which fits well and is lightweight.

4. Costa Del Mar Men’s Saltbreak Rectangular Sunglasses: Best Glasses For Fly Fishing

Costa Del Mar Men's Saltbreak Rectangular Sunglasses

With the exception of your sunglasses, you can fish successfully with your basic equipment. The trick to enjoying the big game, say experts, is to wear sunglasses that are focused on results. By producing high-quality optics like its Saltbreak sunglasses, Costa Del Mar demonstrates how much it regards the concerns of fishermen.

The Saltbreak, like other of Costa’s iconic sunglasses, is made to fit snugly and stay in place when engaging in strenuous activities. The nose pads and temple tips are composed of non-slip materials to assist keep the sunglasses in place, and they have a wrap-around shape that helps block off wind and unwanted light.


One of the most important aspects of the Costa Saltbreak sunglasses is their lenses. The Saltbreak sunglasses use Costa’s 580 lens technology, which offers exceptional contrast and clarity. The Costa Saltbreak sunglasses come with polycarbonate or glass lenses. Although glass lenses offer better clarity and are more resistant to scratches, they come at a higher cost and are heavier.

There are several different colors available for the lenses on the Costa Saltbreak sunglasses, including copper, gray, green mirror, and blue mirror. Due to its distinct qualities, each hue is better suited for a variety of activities and lighting scenarios. A green mirror, for instance, works best in strong lighting, with the exception of sunrise and nightfall.


Costa Saltbreak sunglasses are renowned for their fashionable look in addition to their useful functions, which makes them a flexible option for outdoor activities other than fishing.

The Costa Saltbreak sunglasses’ lack of frame adjustment is one feature that they lack. Even though the sunglasses are made to fit securely, some people may find them too big or too small for their heads. Some users may find this to be a disadvantage if they need a more personalized fit.


  • Superior contrast and clarity
  • Slip-resistant
  • Elegant Style
  • Top-quality polarized lenses


  • Comparatively bulkier, making it difficult to wear for lengthy periods of time
  • Pricey

Why are they worth buying?

The Costa Saltbreak sunglasses are made with outdoor enthusiasts—especially anglers—in mind, offering superior visibility and protection. The variety of lens colors enables customers to select the ideal solution for their unique requirements, while the polarized lenses and 580 lens technology contribute to improving contrast and lowering glare.

5. Oakley Men’s OO9416 Split Shot Rectangular Sunglasses: Best Fishing Glasses For The Money

Oakley Men's OO9416 Split Shot Rectangular Sunglasses

The Oakley will save your back if you’re a passionate angler who wishes to take pleasure in sight fishing while taking good care of your eyes. The Oakley Split Shot is the best sunglasses when it comes to durability and performance. 

The Split Shot sunglasses were highly praised by our testers for adding entertainment value to sight fishing. They include a built-in retainer mechanism to keep the glasses in place when engaging in water sports. This implies that you can always hang these sunglasses around your neck and not lose them if you decide not to wear them.

Split Shot sunglasses from Oakley use Prizm lens technology to outperform a number of high-performing versions. The goal of applying this patented technology is to improve an angler’s eyesight in its entirety. 

Oakley’s unique Plutonite material, which offers excellent impact resistance and protection against flying debris, is used to make the polarized lenses.


Another excellent feature of these sunglasses is the inclusion of a removable leash. Our team’s testers had not misplaced these sunglasses when it unintentionally slipped off throughout the exercise.

The Prizm deep water polarized and the Prizm shallow water polarized are the two most well-known lens variations used in Split Shot sunglasses. The blue base tint of the Prizm deep water polarized sunglasses, which are made especially for deep water fishing, intensifies green and yellow hues to make it easier to see fish in the water. In contrast, the rose base tone of the Shallow water improves visibility and clarity in strong light.

A redesigned frame is used in the Split shot design to match features with flatter nasal bridges and higher cheekbones. Long hours on the water are also made comfortable by the lightweight frame.


  • Outstanding performance
  • Removable Leash
  • Tailored fit


  • None

Why are they worth buying?

For those who enjoy water sports like kayaking, boating, fishing, and other water activities, Oakley Split Shot sunglasses are made especially for them. These sunglasses are a great option for anyone who spends a lot of time on the water because of their distinctive blend of design, dependability, and utility.

6. Costa Del Mar Men’s Rincon Fishing and Watersports Rectangular Sunglasses: Best Costa Glasses For Fishing

Costa Del Mar Men's Rincon Fishing and Watersports Rectangular Sunglasses

Expert fishermen advise against buying inexpensive sunglasses unless they are expressly needed for fishing. Thus, Costa won’t let you down if you’re the type of person who values the advice of experts or if you think that the brand’s legitimacy justifies your spending money on sunglasses. The Rincon is a member of Costa’s Angler line, which is intended primarily for aquatic sports like fishing.

If you’re anything like me, you may be a little nervous about spending over $300 on sunglasses. To be honest, you can get fishing sunglasses for as much as $700. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to pay more than $250 because sunglasses that cost twice as much yet have twice as fantastic features and performance.


Costa’s 580 lens technology, which offers superior clarity, color contrast, and glare reduction in direct sunlight, is featured on the Rincon. This is particularly significant for fishing, since it can improve your visibility of fish and underwater structures. Additionally, the lenses are polarized, which lessens glare and enhances visibility in the water.

The Rincon model’s comparatively bigger size is the most frequent problem encountered. The Rincon sunglasses could be too big or heavy for certain people’s faces. You should try them on before buying to make sure they are a good fit and comfortable for you because you are investing your money in a high-quality item.

In addition, even if the Rincon sunglasses are composed of premium materials, improper handling can make them brittle and vulnerable to scratches and other damage. It is crucial to keep them clean using a microfiber cloth on a regular basis and to keep them in a protective case.


  • Superior material
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Trendy style


  • Expensive

What makes them worth buying?

If you are ready to spend more money on a higher-end brand and appreciate quality and performance in your sunglasses, Costa Del Mar Rincon sunglasses can be an excellent option.

7. KastKing Toccoa Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women: Best Budget Fishing Sunglasses

KastKing Toccoa Polarized Sport Sunglasses for Men and Women

The KastKing Toccoa Polarized Sports Sunglasses are the best affordable fishing sunglasses. Fishing is an intense activity, and the last thing you want is for your sunglasses to end up in the river. Possessing a reasonably priced substitute might assist you in avoiding the upsetting situation of losing pricey sunglasses. When it’s not in your budget to visit a posh store, Kastking Toccoa sunglasses will meet your needs.

They are a great option for a beginner whose main objective is to experiment with various hues in various lighting scenarios. Before shelling out too much cash for pricey fishing sunglasses, a novice should test out Kastking Toccoa sunglasses without breaking the bank. They have all the necessary characteristics. 

Furthermore, this choice gives a fisherman a backup pair of sunglasses at a cost that is only a quarter of that of an upscale pair.


They might not be as adept at providing contrast and clarity for fish to be easily seen in the deep water for the performance. However, we weren’t disappointed with KastKing sunglasses’ lens quality or polarization. On sunny days, they increase sight to a reasonable degree by reducing glare.

Not only that, but the Toccoa sunglasses’ resilience also won us over. They are constructed with a sturdy, lightweight frame that can handle the demands of outdoor use. Long-term wear is also comfy with them. These shades are a great option to wear on and off the water because of their elegant and streamlined style.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Flexible frame


  • Less robust

Why are they worth buying?

Although the premium fishing sunglasses are more expensive than KastKing sunglasses, they may have more sophisticated functions and better materials. For the majority of outdoor activities including fishing, KastKing sunglasses offer a more cost-effective solution with good performance and durability.

8. Smith Basecamp Sunglasses: Best All-Rounder Sunglasses

Smith Basecamp Sunglasses

While fashionable sunglasses can seem great for a day at the beach, prolonged usage of them might strain your eyes. Smith is a reliable brand to take into consideration if you want to receive the best results and the best optical performance on the water. Many fishermen on our crew think that Smith Basecamp sunglasses are a great option because of their feel and quality.

The Basecamp sunglasses and the Smith ignitor were contrasted by our fishermen. In contrast to the Ignitor sunglasses, which have a more rectangular form, the Basecamp sunglasses feature a somewhat bigger and more rounder frame. On some facial shapes, the Ignitor may fit more comfortably, while the Basecamp could offer superior coverage.

The Smith ignitor is a superior choice in different light circumstances. However, The Smith Basecamp meets the demand if your requirements are standard and all you want to do is see crisp colors and contrast when searching for fish in the brown or green riverbed.


The hydrophilic Megol substance that makes the Basecamp sunglasses’ temple tips more gripping as you perspire. This keeps the sunglasses firmly in place without putting strain on any sensitive areas.  The best part is that these sunglasses are flexible thanks to the Evolve eco-material, which lets them mold to the contours of your face for a secure fit.

Although the Basecamp sunglasses were a touch fragile, they performed admirably in tests. As a result, they provide excellent value. The absence of a hard case to keep the sunglasses is my sole complaint about them. This function, which allows fishermen to keep them intact while not in use, might be a bit bothersome for a device that costs more than $150.


  • Top-quality  polarization
  • Excellent fit
  • Maintains well


  • Not suitable for all facial shapes

Why are these worth buying?

The Smith Basecamp sunglasses are a pleasant alternative for prolonged wear because of its adjustable nose cushions, gripping temple tips, and lightweight, flexible frame. They may be adjusted for a specific fit and are made to stay in place throughout strenuous outdoor activities.

9. Smith Outlier 2 XL Sunglasses: Best Fishing Shades For Huge Faces

Smith Outlier 2 XL Sunglasses

Anglers with larger heads and faces undoubtedly encounter an uncommon circumstance whereby even high-end sunglasses become too snug or loose to use. We don’t advise making any modifications because a badly fitting pair of fishing sunglasses can ruin your fishing day. Alternatively, the Smith Outlier 2 in the XL category is what we offer as the ideal rig for you. 

In addition, you may customize the best prescription sunglasses for fishing to fit your unique vision requirements. The larger sibling of Smith Outlier 2, Smith Outlier 2 Xl, has more features to provide superior performance. Both appear to be similar in appearance. The Outlier 2 XL, on the other hand, has bigger lenses and a longer temple-to-temple distance than the Outlier 2. Because of this, folks who like a more enormous appearance or have bigger faces will find the Outlier 2 XL to be a better match.

Smith used lightweight, long-lasting Evolve eco-friendly frame material for both versions. For extra durability and beauty, the Outlier 2 XL also has a stainless steel variant available. Therefore, the Outlier 2XL surpasses our expectations in terms of durability.

A person wearing Smith Outlier 2 Xl Sunglasses is shown in this picture. 


With regard to polarization, Outlier sunglasses offer outstanding optical clarity, making it possible to identify even fish that conceal themselves in the water’s beds.

We found that the Smith ignitor had a more sporty appearance when we compared it to the Smith Outlier 2 Xl. Conversely, the Outlier features a traditional rectangular form with a slightly curved frame. With its simple design, Outlier and its variations make it a flexible option for any outdoor activity, including cycling, hiking, and fishing.


  • Ideal for big heads
  • Withstand mistreatment
  • Lightweight


  • Limited color selection for lenses

What makes them worth buying?

Overall, the Smith Outlier sunglasses are outstanding men’s fishing sunglasses that offer the best protection and vision possible in bright outdoor settings.

10. Maui Jim Women’s Orchid Polarized Fashion Sunglasses: Best Fishing Sunglasses For Women

Maui Jim Women's Orchid Polarized Fashion Sunglasses

According to a survey, 78% of women are more brand loyal than males. In case you belong to the group of ladies who are brand loyal, then you should definitely give the Maui Jim Orchid Polarized sunglasses a try. The three standout aspects of Orchid sunglasses are their fashionable style, comfortable fit, and polarized lenses.

Women fishermen share the desire of all anglers to avoid eye strain while wearing sunglasses for lengthy periods of time. It’s possible that they have more serious worries about this. The lightweight nylon frame of the Maui Jim Orchid sunglasses protects the wearer’s eyes. The cherry on top is that these sunglasses offer complete UV protection to safeguard your eyes.


Even if women are better at distinguishing colors than men are, there is still a strong need for sunglasses with cutting-edge lens technology.  PolarizedPlus2 technology from Maui Jim is well known for its ability to reduce glare, enhance color, and improve clarity. The ability to perceive color accurately is a feature of this technology that is particularly useful for sailing and fishing.

The Orchid sunglasses are made especially for ladies, and they fit comfortably thanks to movable nose cushions and temple tips.

The only potential complaint about these sunglasses is their high price, which may irritate a woman on a tight budget. Still, Maui Jim Orchid sunglasses fit and feel comfortable, and they offer you a classic appearance.


  • Smart design
  • Excellent protection for eyes
  • Illumination on the nose bridge


  • The problems with fitting and sizing

Why are these worth buying?

The best thing about Maui Jim sunglasses is its comfortable fit, lightweight design, and polarized lenses. These sunglasses improve contrast, which makes it simpler to perceive colors and details in your surroundings.

11. Maui Jim Women’s Banyans Sport Sunglasses: Best Women’s Shades For Fishing

Maui Jim Women's Banyans Sport Sunglasses

Banyans sunglasses suit more people universally, whereas Maui Jim’s orchid sunglasses are more specifically tailored to women. For those who enjoy Maui Jim sunglasses, I would also suggest Banyans sunglasses.

We tested Banyans’ all-day fishing performance and found that its lens technology works better than less expensive fishing sunglasses. Even in low light, the polarized lenses of Banyans sunglasses eliminated all glare with exceptional clarity and contrast. Because Banyans have this improved lens technology, they outperform any expensive sunglasses that may need to have their lenses changed when the sun sets.


Banyans sunglasses aren’t gender specific like Maui Jim Orchid sunglasses. Where Orchid sunglasses have a more narrow fit and suit smaller to medium faces, Banyans fit medium to large faces and heads. Besides that, Banyans have a design that men and women can both wear.

Additionally, a range of lens tints and coatings tailored for various fishing conditions, including freshwater, blue water, and flats fishing, are included with the Banyan sunglasses.

When your face becomes sweaty, sunglasses usually slide down, but not with Banyan sunglasses. Because the glass is shatter-resistant, it can tolerate a lot of abuse, and the lightweight nylon frame keeps everything in place.


Depending on the unique fishing requirements of an angler, Banyans are available in a range of tint hues. For outdoor sports like boating and fishing, brown lenses are a popular choice since they improve contrast and depth perception.


  • Uncluttered style
  • Excellent for side sun blockage
  • Completes the task


  • The example given is of poor quality

What makes them worth buying?

When fishing, Banyans sunglasses are an excellent option since they improve your vision of fish and underwater things. These sunglasses, which are made of premium materials, are resistant to being damaged by pebbles or fishing hooks.

12. Bollé Anaconda Rectangular Sunglasses: Best Fishing Sunglasses For Small Faces

bollé Anaconda Rectangular Sunglasses

Although Smith, Costa, and Maui Jim have stellar reputations, they might not be the most affordable options for you. If you would like not to spend more than $100 on your fishing sunglasses, that is quite OK. Bolle Anaconda sunglasses, which retail for $100, satisfy the demands of fishermen on a budget by offering polarized lenses, UV protection, durability, a comfortable fit, and an array of stylish options. 

Bolle sunglasses function in the same way as any of our other options for polarized fishing sunglasses. By eliminating specific color wavelengths, they greatly minimize glare and enhance sharpness and clarity. You may choose a lens tint hue that will work best for your preferred fishing settings and illumination, so don’t worry.


Bolle Anaconda lenses are polarized and include an anti-reflective coating to assist reduce distracting reflections that might obstruct your vision when fishing. They also shield your eyes from UV rays.

Small to medium-sized faces suit well with these sunglasses. However, we discovered that they were somehow smaller for smaller-headed fishermen. Due to their small size, they require periodic lens cleaning. However, this option is ideal if you want sunglasses that snugly fit your face. 


When worn for a lengthy amount of time, even your most beloved and costly fishing sunglasses might hurt the area behind your ears or on the bridge of your nose. So why not choose these top affordable fishing sunglasses and save some money to purchase other items on your wish list? In order to make the wearer feel comfortable, they also have rubber temple tips and nose cushions. The finest of the best, they offer excellent value for your money and are both robust and lightweight.


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Suitable for extended fishing sessions
  • Snug fit


  • Low grade material
  • Easily fogs up

Why are these worth buying?

Because of its polarized lenses, anti-reflective coating, UV protection, comfortable fit, and durability, Bolle Anaconda sunglasses are a perfect option for fishing. All of this for an affordable price.

13. Oakley Holbrook OO9102 Sunglasses For Men: Best Fishing Sunglasses For Comfort

Oakley Holbrook OO9102 Sunglasses For Men

To satisfy their requirement for both high-quality eye care goggles and polarized sunglasses, some fishermen may prefer “all rounder” styles. If this is the case, Oakley’s Holbrooks sunglasses combine the greatest features from both worlds at a price that is always reasonable given the advantages offered.

The Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are designed in a retro fashion. When Oakley originally debuted them in 2010 as a part of their lifestyle line, they immediately became well-known due to their timeless and classic appearance. The Holbrook model, which has a keyhole bridge and square lenses in a throwback style, was inspired by the well-known American actor and cultural icon Steve McQueen.

But these sunglasses are amazing for more reasons than just their retro appearance. The Holbrooks are not inexpensive in the slightest because of its premium build and exclusive Oakley Prizm lens technology. 


When you’re battling to catch the big fish, the Holbrook sunglasses’ Three-Point Fit system helps keep the glasses in place by ensuring that the frame only comes into touch with your nose and behind your ears. This reduces pressure points. The nose pads and non-slip ear socks provide traction in damp or sweaty conditions, further improving the fit and comfort of the sunglasses. These are the greatest sunglasses for sailing and fishing because of their snug and secure fit.

In addition, the sturdy eyewear frame resists impact. Maximum UV protection is provided by the Plutonite lenses, making your entire fishing day as easy as possible.

After a while of usage, our testers noticed that these sunglasses had a tendency to get scratches. However, the clarity remained intact and the scratches were hardly noticeable. This minor inconvenience never stopped us from choosing this option, nevertheless, because of the great advantages these sunglasses provide for fishing.


  • Ideal UV defense
  • Classical style
  • Oakley’s exclusive material and technology for lenses


  • Vulnerable to receiving scratches

Why are they worth buying?

The O Matter® frame, which is lightweight and flexible, the three-point fit system, and the non-slip Unobtainium® ear socks and nose pads of the Oakley Holbrook sunglasses are intended to suit most face shapes and sizes comfortably.

How To Choose The Best Fly Fishing Sunglasses For You?

Selecting the best sunglasses for fly fishing isn’t about showing off to other fishermen how stylish you are. Aside from that, there are a ton of alternatives available at different price points, so choosing the finest sunglasses for fishing is a decision that requires careful consideration.

Therefore, to help you make an educated choice, read our evaluations and buying recommendations on fly fishing sunglasses if you’re a beginner and want to learn about the anatomy of fishing sunglasses.

Kinds of Best Fishing Sunglasses

Fly fishing sunglasses come in a variety of styles, each with unique features and advantages. The following are a few of the most popular styles of sunglasses for fly fishing:

1. Polarized sunglasses: 

Polarized sunglasses are the real deal for fishers; they cut glare and enhance vision below the surface.

2. Photochromic sunglasses: 

For fly fishing, photochromic sunglasses adapt to changing lighting conditions.

3. Mirrored sunglasses: 

A reflecting coating on the outside of the lenses of mirrored sunglasses blocks out more light from entering your eyes. This can be useful on reflecting surfaces, such as water, or under direct sunshine.

4. Gradient sunglasses: 

The lenses of gradient sunglasses are lighter at the bottom and darker at the top. With this design, you can see well in the water while also reducing glare from overhead sunlight.

5. Wrap-around sunglasses:

The curved frame of wrap-around sunglasses offers greater coverage and shielding from the sun’s damaging rays. They serve to decrease glare and shield your eyes from the sun, making them an excellent choice for fly fishing.

Tinted Lens Of Fishing Sunglasses With Respect To Weather And Water Conditions

Anglers’ worries about eyewear won’t be addressed here. They need to think about the appropriate tint for their particular pair of sunglasses after deciding on the appropriate style for fishing.

If you wind up purchasing polarized sunglasses with the incorrect colored lens, things might get worse. Please note that when we refer to an incorrect tint, we mean a shade of tint that is inappropriate for a certain time of day. 

You also need to look deeper for the ideal tint for your chosen polarized sunglasses.

Lighting conditions: 

The visibility in the water can be impacted by the illumination. For instance, the glare in direct sunshine might make it challenging to see fish in the water. When there is cloud cover, the water may look darker, which makes it more difficult to spot fish. Generally speaking, darker lenses offer superior visibility in bright light, while lighter lenses work well in foggy situations.

Water conditions: 

Visibility can also be impacted by the water’s color and clarity. To see fish against the bottom, for instance, you might require sunglasses with lenses that create better contrast in clear water. To increase sight in murky water, you might need to use lenses that block off specific hues. To adjust to changing weather and water conditions, polarized sunglasses with lenses colored in brown or amber are fantastic.

Fishing location: 

The illumination and water quality might vary throughout fishing spots. For instance, eyewear for lake or sea fishing might not be appropriate for fishing in a highland stream.

Type of fish: 

The kind of fish you’re aiming for may also influence the sunglasses you choose. Certain fish could be easier to identify than others, and in order to view them well, you might need to wear sunglasses with various lens colors or polarizations.

You must already be aware of the sort of sunglasses and tint color that will work best for you to land the big catch. The remaining crucial fly fishing sunglasses qualities are now something you just cannot overlook.

Important Features to Consider for Fly Fishing Sunglasses:

Quality of lens:

One of the most crucial things to take into account when selecting sunglasses for fly fishing is lens quality. Seek out polarized glasses, since these lessen glare and improve your vision in the water. Additionally, take into account the color of the lenses, since some hues may work better in certain types of lighting.

Frame design: 

Another crucial element to take into account is the frame design. Since you’ll probably be wearing your glasses for extended periods of time, look for frames that are comfy and light. Additionally, take into account the type of frame; certain materials could be more resilient than others.


To guarantee that the sunglasses stay in place when actively fishing, fit is essential. Seek for sunglasses that are comfortably fitting without being overly so.

UV protection:

Verify if the sunglasses provide sufficient UV protection. When you’re out on the water, it’s crucial to protect your eyes from the sun’s damaging rays, which can cause damage over time.


Are polarized lenses necessary for fly fishing?

Yes, polarized lenses reduce glare and improve visibility in water, helping you spot fish more easily.

What lens color is best for fly fishing?

Brown, copper, or amber lenses are popular as they enhance contrast and depth perception in various light conditions.

Can I use regular sunglasses for fly fishing?

While regular sunglasses offer some protection, fly fishing sunglasses are specifically designed with features like polarization and lens color to optimize the fishing experience.


To help you focus your search for the best fly fishing sunglasses, we recommend Smith’s low light ignitor sunglasses, which are the top pick according to Guide.

To really enjoy the game, there’s nothing better than spending a lot of money on high-quality fishing sunglasses. When it comes to sporting the best polarized sunglasses for boating and fishing, it’s true that you get what you pay for.

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