10 Best Fly Fishing Vests 2024 (Fly Fishing Vest Reviews)

10 Best Fly Fishing Vests
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Fly fishing vests are essential gear for anglers who want to keep their fishing tools and accessories organized while staying comfortable on the water. In 2024, there are numerous options available, each offering unique features to enhance your fly fishing experience. This guide highlights the 10 best fly fishing vests, provides insights into crucial features to consider, and offers a comprehensive buying guide to help you make an informed decision.

It’s not an easy task to cast and wade in the water. To win the Big Game, fishermen always need to have more mobility and range of motion. Thus, the best fly fishing vest has the ability to completely alter the way you fish, whilst sling packs and backpacks are either larger or may provide less storage.

Comparing a fisherman vest to sling packs and fishing backpacks, there are a number of advantages in terms of comfort, accessibility, and organization. Any fisherman who wants to store and arrange their fishing gear and accessories while out on the lake should have a fly fishing vest. They are a necessary piece of kit. 

Many anglers, including the fisherman on our staff, put on their fishing vests and headed for the closest fishing location as the fishing season was in full force. Despite the fact that they were all sporting various brands of fly fishing vests, they were all able to attest to the greater effectiveness of the Bassdash vest

Many pockets and compartments are standard on Bassdash fishing vests, which enable fishermen to keep all the gear they need conveniently at hand. By doing this, the angler avoids wasting time and energy on sifting through gear boxes or bags. Additionally, by distributing weight more evenly, the vest lessens the pressure on the fisherman’s shoulders and back. 

Taking all of this into account, let’s get right into our analysis of fly fishing vest reviews to see which is the best option for you in 2024.

1. BASSDASH Strap Fishing Vest Adjustable for Men and Women: Top Rated Choice

BASSDASH Strap Fishing Vest Adjustable for Men and Women

Do you want to get better at fly or bass fishing and make the most of your time spent on the water? Then have a look at the Bassdash Fishing Vest, one of the newest and most inventive goods on the market. 

This vest’s enormous amount of storage capacity is one of its best qualities. It features several compartments of different shapes and sizes, including pockets with Velcro and zippers that can contain all of your fishing supplies, including pliers, fly boxes, and phones. When necessary, you may swiftly and easily retrieve your tools thanks to the pockets’ thoughtful placement.

Long-lasting and high-quality materials are used to make the vest. Because of the fabric’s breathability, you’ll stay cool and comfortable all day. Additionally, the vest is adjustable, allowing you to adapt it precisely to your body type. To guarantee a comfortable fit, the waistline, chest straps, and shoulder straps may all be adjusted.

Our field testing indicates that the side pockets of the vest may become trapped in their zippers due to frequent openings and closings. However, there is a small catch—the zippers don’t break or malfunction.

One size fits all: the adjustable shoulder straps and waistline of the Bassdash provide a great fit for all body types. Anglers can fasten extra gear with D rings and loops.


  • Robust design
  • Economical option
  • Includes a high back
  • Adaptable and cozy design


  • It’s hard to open and close zippers

Our Outcome:

Give Bassdash’s premium Fishing Vest a try before organizing any major trips this year, whether you’re an experienced fisherman or just interested to discover thrilling recreational activities like bass fishing—you won’t regret it!rf’?

2. Fishpond USA Women’s Upstream Tech Vest: Best Women’s Fly Fishing Vest

Fishpond USA Women's Upstream Tech Vest

A new type of fishing vest that is revolutionizing fishing is the Fishpond Upstream Tech Vest. With so many functions, this vest is ideal for both recreational and professional anglers. It’s lightweight, comfy, and equipped with many pockets and compartments to keep all your stuff organized. 

Because of its distinctive design, the vest is guaranteed to be comfortable, light, and have an adjustable fit. Additionally, it breathes, so you won’t overheat or perspire. The pockets may be arranged for convenient retrieval and are simple to reach.

The Fishpond Upstream Tech Vest has a waist and shoulder strap system that can be adjusted to keep your fishing gear and water tight. includes a sizable main compartment that is ideal for a large tackle box. Moreover, it contains several zipped pockets that are ideal for holding tools or other little objects.

Regrettably, the Fishpond Upstream Tech Vest has certain shortcomings. Its inability to be waterproof is a problem, especially when fishing in damp places. 

In addition, a petite female member of our field testing team was not persuaded to fund this alternative. She discovered that the vest was too big for her frame. She never experienced a tight fit thanks to the front and back panels and adjustable.


  • Adaptable to the size of a fisherman
  • Packable and lightweight
  • Well-crafted design


  • Tough for a little woman to fit

Our Outcome:

Overall, the Fishpond Upstream Tech Vest is the greatest fly fishing vest for women, despite a few minor issues. It is a fantastic complement to any fisherman’s equipment because it is useful, cozy, and flexible.

3. Orvis Clearwater Mesh Fly Fishing Vest – Lightweight Vest: Best Fishing Vest For Summer

Orvis Clearwater Mesh Fly Fishing Vest - Lightweight Vest

The Orvis Clearwater Mesh Vest is among the greatest fly fishing vests available on the market because of its many practical features. Its effectiveness in capturing fish, comfort, and lightweight design are its advantages. You can fish in freshwater and saltwater using the vest.

With two pockets on either side of the vest, carrying your belongings on your vacation will be easy. Furthermore, this vest is constructed entirely of polyester, which means that it won’t break as quickly as other kinds of vests. Because there won’t be any wet spots on your shirt after you catch fish, the material doesn’t absorb water, which increases its effectiveness at capturing fish! 

You may select the size of the vest that best fits your body type because it is available in two different sizes. Additionally, the vest features an adjustable strap that lets you fit it tightly around your torso and guarantee that it stays in place while you wear it.

The robustness and simplicity of use of this device allow consumers to obtain excellent value for their money. Additionally, with this device, folks with back issues may indulge in their favorite pastime without having to worry about tiring out over extended periods of time.

Although there are just 8 pockets on this vest, they more than satisfy the needs of fishermen in terms of storage and organization. Note that there is no rear pocket on this vest to store rain gear or food. However, the Clearwater vest solves this problem by providing a web at the back.


  • Durable vest
  • Good amount of storage
  • Breathable and really cozy


  • Without a back pocket

Our Outcome:

All things considered, fly fisherman and women choose the Orvis Clearwater Mesh Vest for its blend of comfort and usefulness.

4. Columbia Men’s Henry’s Fork V Vest: Best Lightweight Fishing Vest

Columbia Men's Henry's Fork V Vest

The Henry’s Fork V Vest from Columbia is ideal if you’re a serious fisherman who wants to be prepared and comfortable when fishing. With its many practical features, this multipurpose vest is a must-have for every avid fisherman. It was created with the serious angler in mind.

With two zippered hand pockets and one chest pocket that offers space even when wearing many layers, the vest’s exterior is full of pockets that are ideal for storing items during your outdoor trips. 

Bring some food and beverages out on the lake with you since the rear panel has three more roomy cargo compartments! Breathability is made possible by the lightweight, fast-drying nylon fabric without sacrificing strength or durability.

Equally significant is the inside design, which includes features like adjustable shoulder straps for comfort and personalization, twin D rings to carry necessary equipment close at hand, and quilted insulation to keep you warm yet flexible. 

Side openings offer quicker access and whatnot. For an added sense of security in colder temperatures, try layering up underneath.

The Columbia vest performed quite well in our tests for quality. The display pocket for displaying the fishing license is a little tiny, though, as we also discovered. In addition, the little plastic clasp that holds the vest together can pop open if you’re an avid angler. To solve this problem, double-check the dimensions to ensure that the vest fits your body properly.


  • Lightweight and cozy
  • Outstanding capacity for storing
  • Superior caliber vest


  • Comparatively costly option

Our Outcome:

This vest is an essential addition to your gear if you’re an avid fisherman and an active outdoorsman. Its superior craftsmanship not only ensures satisfaction but also offers value, protection, convenience, and utility that no other clothing could match.

5. Allen Company Ultra-Light Gallatin Strap Pack Fishing Vest: Minimalist Design

Allen Company Ultra-Light Gallatin Strap Pack Fishing Vest

This vest is made to be simple and comfortable, whether you’re fishing in little rivers and streams or merely searching various lakeshores with a light fishing bag. While it might not be as feature-rich as other of the best fishing vests available, its affordable pricing lets outdoor enthusiasts go fishing for extended periods of time without going over their budget.

This vest’s backless style is its most alluring feature. Such a design is preferable to a conventional fishing vest with a mesh back in our evolution experiments. A fisherman wearing this vest stays significantly cooler in hot weather. Aside from this, the vest’s lack of a back makes it lighter and remarkably practical when greater agility is needed to pursue swift salmon. 

When wading during hot warm days spent fishing trout, fishermen may cast easily since the material used to construct the back strap keeps weight down. Furthermore, because each shoulder panel has adjustable clips, it is still feasible to use it as shoulder straps even if the user chooses not to use it as a standard vest-style bag.

There is plenty space in the two main pockets to accommodate additional tackle boxes and lures. Furthermore, there are two little pockets on top to store little items like your vehicle keys. We have addressed this issue by using one of the loops over a pocket, even though Allen Co. seemed to neglect to provide a water bottle pocket for its wearer.


  • Well-made and small
  • An open design that keeps fishermen cooler
  • Tenacious construction


  • It is devoid of a water bottle

Over Outcome:

In a nutshell if you’re searching for something affordable and practical at the same time, you should absolutely consider getting this alternative. With enough room to store necessary equipment and freeing up the angler’s hands for fishing, this fishing vest is both useful and adaptable.

6. Simms Tributary Vest for Fishing: Best Trout Fishing Vest

Simms Tributary Vest for Fishing

Established in 1980 by forward-thinking fisherman and businessman John Simms, Simms Fishing Products enjoys a strong reputation in the fishing community. Anglers hold the Simms Tributary Vest in high respect for a multitude of reasons, and many of them are devoted to it. 

The Simms Tributary Vest has a lot of storage capacity, which sets it apart from its competitors. The vest has 19 compartments in all, which gives fishermen plenty of space to keep all of their tackle, tools, and fishing equipment. When steelhead trout fishing, anglers that need to bring a lot of gear with them will find this very helpful.

The customizable fit of the Simms Tributary Vest is another benefit. Anglers are able to tailor the vest to their own body type and size thanks to the adjustable straps on the sides. This offers them the most comfort and mobility possible while fishing and guarantees that the vest stays firmly in place.

Another excellent option in terms of durability is the Simms Tributary Vest. Due to its high-quality construction, which includes an abrasion- and water-resistant cloth, it can endure normal use’s wear and tear and survive for several fishing seasons.

Breathability is one area where the Simms Tributary Vest can fall short of competitors. Despite being composed of a breathable and lightweight material, some fishermen have reported that the vest can still feel a little stuffy and heated during hot weather.


  • Weather-resistant substance
  • Ideal for extended fishing days
  • Well-fitting
  • Available in many sizes


  • Comparatively pricey choice

Our Outcome:

All things taken into account, the Simms Tributary Vest is a superior and useful fishing vest that holds up well against competitors in terms of fit, durability, and storage capacity.

7. Simms Guide Vest: Best Fishing Vest For Trout Fishing

Simms Guide Vest

When all is considered, the Simms Tributary Vest is a better and more practical fishing vest than its rivals in terms of fit, robustness, and storage capacity.

This vest has a ton of pockets and compartments. You may store small items like your wallet or keys in the interior zipped pocket. Additionally, there are two sizable fly box pockets on either side of the chest region, allowing you to keep all of your fly collection in one location.

Small zippered pouches on the shoulder straps allow you to keep items like sunscreen bottles or the best fly fishing sunglasses without having to worry about them falling out when you reach up into them, unlike most other vests.

Because of the Simms Guide Vest’s design, your shoulders and back won’t be straining excessively.

If the length of your shoulder straps isn’t long enough or short enough for you, you may also change it! This characteristic not only makes the garment incredibly comfortable to wear beneath coats or sweaters, but it also makes it very easy to wear.


  • Collar with padding to increase comfort
  • Fits perfectly
  • Has 26 compartments for great storage


  • Incredibly expensive

Our Outcome:

A durable item of equipment, the Simms Guide Vest will serve you well for many years. While it’s not exactly inexpensive, you do get what you pay for in this case.

8. Redington Men’s Apparel Wayward Guide Jacket, Gunpowder: Best Kayak Fishing Vest

Redington Men's Apparel Wayward Guide Jacket, Gunpowder

It might be difficult to choose the ideal fishing vest. The Redington Blackfoot Vest is a must-have if you’re searching for a vest with lots of storage, amazing features, and a comfortable fit. 

It’s usually more expensive to find a fishing vest and life jacket combination when you fish from a kayak. But, since this vest is so reasonably priced, you can notably stay inside your budget by choosing it. To win the big game in a kayak, get one size up and wear it with your life vest.

Its mesh back panel for breathability and front zip closure help you keep cool and comfortable as you fish. Additionally, the vest features a sizable front pocket with a zipper closure, which makes it simple to keep any tools, equipment, or food you might need for your fishing excursion. The vest also features many front pockets with zippers, so you can store your little necessities nearby. 

Because of the adjustable shoulder straps and breathable mesh back panel, the vest is also quite comfortable. In the case of a rainstorm, you won’t have to worry about your belongings becoming wet because it also features a water-resistant coating.

This vest really stands out for its quality. No matter how many machine washes it receives, our devoted fishers found that the zipper holds firm and does not rust.


  • Excellent and versatile vest
  • Worth for the money
  • Sufficient storage
  • Increased factor of packability


  • Not the best to use on chilly fishing days

Our Outcome:

A fisherman could ask for nothing more from a vest than this one. For people who like to be ready for anything, from quick outings to the neighborhood pond to extended days on the river, this is ideal. Additionally, it’s fashionable and comfy, so you’ll look fantastic while fishing.

9. M’s G3 Guide Fishing Vest: Best Vest For Fly Fishing

M's G3 Guide Fishing Vest

Many fishermen consider the Simms G3 Guide Vest to be the best option available for serious fishing. Many fishermen who want a dependable and practical fishing vest choose it for its large storage capacity, sturdy design, adjustable fit, and comfort features.

With a total of 24 pockets, the Simms G3 Guide Vest provides the highest storage capacity. The Simms Guide Vest (with twenty pockets) and the Simms Tributary Vest (with nineteen pockets) follow. Anglers can easily store and retrieve all of their fishing gear and equipment thanks to the three vests’ numerous big and tiny pockets, as well as specific tool and tippet holders.

The vest also has a roomy, expandable rear pocket that may accommodate a rain jacket, hydration bladder, or other bulkier objects.

The G3 vest fits really well, but the amount of pockets is not the only thing to take into consideration. It has shoulder straps that can be adjusted, similar to the Guide and Tributary vests. Anglers who need to modify the vest to fit various clothing layers or to more evenly distribute their weight may find this helpful.

With its sturdy fabric and hardware made to survive the most demanding circumstances, the Simms G3 Guide Vest is the most durable of the three. While the Simms Guide Vest and Simms Tributary Vest are made with premium materials and are long-lasting, they might not be as durable as the G3 Guide Vest.


  • The longest-lasting fly fishing vest
  • Straps that may be adjusted to meet the varied body type of fishermen
  • Top-notch vest with numerous pockets


  • More costly and somewhat heavier than its rivals

Our Outcome:

The ideal option for a fisherman’s vest may vary depending on the requirements and tastes of the particular angler, including how much gear they usually carry and whether or not they have ethical or environmental concerns. However, we believe that the Simms G3 is the best dependable fishing vest available.

10. BASSDASH Youths Kids Fly Fishing Vest for Adjustable Size: Best Fly Vest For Kids

BASSDASH Youths Kids Fly Fishing Vest for Adjustable Size

There are a few alternatives available on the market for child fishing vests. Young anglers searching for a practical and cozy fishing vest could choose the Bassdash Youth Kids Fishing Vest.

There is plenty of room for young fishermen to carry all of their fishing gear and equipment in the vest’s ten compartments, which include big zippered pockets, small accessory pockets, and mesh pockets.

The lightweight, breathable fabric used to make the vest is intended to keep kids cool and comfortable on hot days. The adjustable straps aid in even weight distribution and pain prevention, while the mesh back panel enhances ventilation and guards against overheating.

There have been comparisons made between the Redington youth fly fishing vest and the Bassdash youth kids vest. Both are sturdy and useful, but the Bassdash model has more storage compartments than the other.

The fact that the Bassdash Youth Kids Fishing Vest is only offered in a single size might be a drawback. The vest can be adjusted to fit youngsters between the ages of 6 and 14, although it might not be the ideal choice for kids who are older than that or who have odd body types. 

Users have complained that the vest’s zippers can be a little stiff and challenging to open, particularly for smaller kids whose fingers might not be as strong or dexterous. Some users could find this frustrating, particularly those who need to quickly and readily access their gear when fishing.


  • Adaptable length to suit children’s body types
  • Versatile; excellent for both tiny people and children
  • Reasonably priced


  • Size descriptions might differ amongst children

Our Outcome:

This selection ought to be well-liked by parents who are searching for a dependable and useful fishing vest for their kids. It has lots of storage capacity and is flexible.

Features to Consider When Purchasing a Fly Fishing Vest: A Buying Guide

Luckily, anglers don’t have to dress elegantly while selecting their fishing gear. Therefore, when it comes to selecting the finest fly fishing vests, anglers should focus primarily on the vest’s functionality. This means that basic features like comfort, good storage, and a great fit should all be taken into account.

Fly Fishing Vest

Various Types Of Fly Fishing Vests

Anglers may choose from a range of fly fishing vest types and designs, each with unique features and advantages. The following are some typical fly fishing vest types:

Traditional Vest: 

The most popular kind of fly fishing vest is this one. It is made with lots of pockets and storage spaces to hold different fishing gear and accessories. Conventional vests are often composed of breathable, long-lasting fabrics like polyester, nylon, or cotton.

Minimalist Vest: 

A minimalist fly fishing vest should be thin and aerodynamic. Usually composed of lightweight fabrics like mesh or microfiber, it has fewer pockets and compartments. Anglers that don’t need to carry a lot of gear and want to travel light can wear minimalist vests.

Pack Vest:

A pack vest is a cross between a backpack and a regular vest. In addition to a roomy core compartment for holding bulkier goods like a rain jacket or lunch, it features several pockets and sections for storing equipment. A few of the top fly fishing vest packs are compatible with hydration bladders, which helps fishermen keep hydrated during extended fishing excursions.

Sling Pack: 

One kind of fly fishing vest that is worn over one shoulder and rests on the angler’s back is called a sling pack. Sling packs are made to be easily accessible when fishing and come with several pockets and compartments for storing equipment. Anglers who like to have simple access to their gear without removing their vest are fond of them.

Waist Pack: 

Similar to a fanny pack, a waist pack is a little pack worn around the waist. It is perfect for fishermen who want to go light and don’t need to carry a lot of gear. Typically, waist packs have several pockets and sections designed to hold necessary items like fly boxes, leads, and tippet spools.

Chest Pack:

A little pack draped over the angler’s chest is called a chest pack. A chest pack and a fly fishing vest are not the same thing; they are made for distinct purposes. A chest pack often contains a few pockets and compartments for holding necessities like fly boxes and tippet spools. It is designed to be lightweight and sleek. Anglers who would like not to have to wear a cumbersome vest but yet have their gear close at hand are fond of chest packs. 

The decision between a chest pack and a fly fishing vest depends on the demands and tastes of the angler.

Once you are familiar with fly fishing vest designs, you should concentrate on certain qualities that a vest should have to enhance your fishing experience. Therefore, after determining what kind of vest would best suit your demands for fishing, you should also bear the following advice in mind.

Take a Look at Your Fishing Technique:

The quantity of gear you need to bring with you depends on the kind of fishing you perform. A minimalist vest could be adequate if you want to travel light and don’t require a lot of equipment. However, a bigger vest or pack would be a better choice if you have a lot of goods to carry.


Look for vests made from durable and water-resistant materials like nylon or polyester. This ensures your vest can withstand the elements and keeps your gear protected. Nylon, polyester, and other synthetic materials are often used because they are lightweight, breathable, and quick-drying.

Pockets and Storage:

Ample storage is crucial. Opt for vests with multiple pockets of varying sizes to accommodate fly boxes, leaders, tippets, and other accessories. Make sure there are enough pockets to fit all of your necessities and look for pockets that are big enough to store your equipment.

 Design and Style:

Choose a vest with a design that suits your preferences. Some vests offer a traditional look, while others have a more modern, streamlined appearance. The design should complement your fishing style and preferences.


Consider the layout and accessibility of the pockets. Especially when fishing, make sure the pockets are conveniently accessible. Ideally, you should be able to reach your gear without removing the vest, and pockets should be simple to open and close.

 Comfort And Fit 

A well-fitted vest that provides comfort during long days on the water without restricting your movement and a range of sizes to find the perfect fit is essential. Adjustable straps and ventilation features contribute to a comfortable experience.


To stay cool and comfortable on hot days, look for vests with ventilation elements like mesh panels or breathable materials.

 Brand and Price 

Consider the brand and price of the vest. Determine your budget and find a vest that offers the best features within that range. Some brands are known for making high-quality fly fishing gear and may be worth the extra investment. However, there are also many affordable options that can still provide good value and performance. Consider the long-term investment value based on the vest’s durability and functionality.

D-ring and Tool Attachment Points:

D-rings and tool attachment points come in handy for securing accessories like nets, nippers, and forceps. Ensure the vest has enough attachment options for your specific needs.


Consider the overall durability of the vest, including the quality of zippers, stitching, and reinforcement in high-wear areas. A durable vest will withstand the rigors of fly fishing.

Buoyancy and Breathability:

If you plan to wade in deeper waters, consider vests with buoyancy features. Additionally, breathable materials help prevent overheating, especially during warm weather.

Weight Distribution:

Evenly distributed weight prevents strain on your neck and shoulders. Look for vests that distribute the weight of your gear across the entire vest for a more comfortable experience.


Some vests come in bright colors for increased visibility, enhancing safety, especially if you fish in areas with boat traffic.


Fly fishing vest vs sling pack: which is a better option?

The choice between a fly fishing vest and a sling pack comes down to personal preference and the type of fishing you plan to do. If you value storage capacity and organization, a vest may be the better choice. If you prioritize comfort and accessibility, a sling pack may be the way to go.

Can I use a fly fishing vest as a backpack?

While it’s technically possible to make a fly fishing vest backpack, it’s not really the best option for carrying heavy loads over long distances. If you’re serious about fly fishing and need to carry a lot of gear, it’s worth investing in a good quality fly fishing backpack designed specifically for the purpose.

Which is the best fly fishing vest or pack; Simms or Patagonia?

Both Simms and Patagonia are highly respected brands in the fly fishing industry, and they both produce high-quality fly fishing vests. If you’re looking for more storage, fly fishing vests always hold superiority over packs.

How do I clean and maintain my fly fishing vest?

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning. Typically, hand washing with mild soap is recommended. Ensure the vest is thoroughly dry before storing.

Can I use a fly fishing vest for other outdoor activities?

While designed specifically for fly fishing, some vests may be suitable for other outdoor pursuits. However, their features are optimized for fishing gear.

Are all fly fishing vests one-size-fits-all?

No, sizes vary. Choose a vest that fits comfortably and allows for adjustment.


It is important to consider the length of your fishing trips, the type of gear you typically carry, and the environmental conditions you will be fishing in. By determining this, you can surely get the best fly fishing vest for your preferences.

Investing in the right fly fishing vest can significantly enhance your angling experience. Consider your personal preferences, fishing style, and the features outlined in this guide to make an informed decision. With the 10 best fly fishing vests in 2024, you can find the perfect balance of functionality, comfort, and durability for your adventures on the water.

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