Top 10 Best Wader Bags

Top 10 Best Wader Bags
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Fly fishing entails spending a lot of time in the water, so your equipment and waders will get fully soaked. Having said that, you need a sturdy storage bag—also referred to as a wader bag—to store your possessions in. Particularly for waders, the best wader bags are made to be both large and waterproof. 

Your waders will be soaked in water when you remove them, and they may collect filth and grime. Anglers prefer to store these in wader bags to keep them clean. Based on our experience, the best wader bag was the Fishpond Green River Wader Bag, which suited well. This bag is not only strong, watertight, and roomy, but it can survive any weather. 

Make sure the product you select has every feature that a premium wader storage bag ought to have. These include robustness, impermeability, coziness, and rapid drying. Let’s examine each of the top options in more depth below: 

10 Best Wader Bags

1. Fishpond Green River Fly Fishing Gear Bag Fly Fishing Travel Bag: Best Wader Bags For Professionals

fishpond Green River Fly Fishing Gear Bag Fly Fishing Travel Bag

The Green River Wader Bag bag from Fishpond is the most costly item on our list and among the most expensive on the market. It has several sections and is really roomy. Ours was a really roomy pack that could fit a wader suit, two reels, three tiny fly boxes, a few nibbles, and an additional clean clothes.

Not only does the molded, rigid bottom keep water out, but it also increases durability. The sturdy base of the bag allows it to bear a lot of weight with ease. We were able to remain organized the whole trip because of this bag.

For example, the exterior zip-down pocket made it very easy to access the fly box. However, there is no ventilation in the bag, which might result in an unpleasant smell.


  • Several sections
  • Separate storage for wet and dry items
  • A solid base


  • Absence of ventilation


Considering its practicality, experienced fly fishers who need a roomy bag with many pockets to keep things organized would benefit most from this wader bag.

2. Simms Taco Wader Bag, Fishing Changing Mat & Bag, Anvil: Best All-Around Wader Bags

Simms Taco Wader Bag, Fishing Changing Mat & Bag, Anvil

This Simms bag will make you think of a taco due to its form. We were able to accommodate two full-sized wader suits, two pairs of boots, and a few other items, which is understandable given that the nylon outer fabric ensures durability. 

The bag maintained its durability and was still intact even after several months of continuous usage. The mesh vents in the bag prevent mildew or mold from forming within the damp waders. The carry straps make carrying the bag as comfortable as possible. Its ability to repel water and its YKK water-resistant zippers combine to make it the best all-around wader bag. These ensure that the zippers stay unclogged, particularly after returning from saltwater fishing.


  • Really spacious
  • Endures season after season
  • Strain is avoided with a carry strap


  • Studded boots may cause the fabric in the bag to wear out


This product is among the best wader bags as it performs well, is portable, and doesn’t smell bad.

3. Palmyth Packable Wader Bag with Changing Mat for Fishing or Hunting: Best Packable Wader Bag

Palmyth Packable Wader Bag with Changing Mat for Fishing or Hunting

The Palmyth wader bag, another design influenced by food, resembles a taco. This bag packs up into a little package with zippers for simple storage and is really easy to pack. It also fit two wader suits, boots, and a few other items with ease because it had the same form as the Simms taco bag. 

You will save a lot of time washing your car since the water-repellent fabric treatment prevents leaks from the bag. The best thing about this bag is that it can be turned into a circular changing mat. To change into a fresh wader suit while remaining dry and clean, you can stand on it. Thanks to the mesh vents that produce the best possible airflow, you can forget about that bothersome dampness. We utilized the additional zipper pocket that came with the bag to store our keys, phone, and gloves. In terms of cost, it is comparable to the Simms taco and offers about as good of performance.


  • Robust material
  • Simple transportation
  • Becomes a constantly changing one


  • Excludes the separation mat


It is reasonable to say that this product is among the best wader bags for fly fishing given its price and characteristics.

4. Fishpond Burrito Fishing Wader & Boot Storage and Travel Bag: Best Fly Fishing Wader Bag

fishpond Burrito Fishing Wader & Boot Storage and Travel Bag

A sturdy and practical bag big enough to fit all of your fishing equipment, including boots and waders. We found that it held up well enough to support two wader outfits, boots, a small chest pack, a reel oil pouch, and some food. 

In terms of capacity, it is a little smaller than the Simms Taco. The backpack just fits two pairs of wader suits and two pairs of boots. 

We utilized the foldable mat that comes with the bag after putting the wet wader and filthy boots inside. This prevented the wetness of other goods. 

Furthermore, the bag let in water from our wet wader suits because it is not waterproof. This allowed the bag to have some air, which kept everything from mildewing or developing an unpleasant stench. This makes a wader bag perfect for fly fishing.


  • Able to store boots
  • Washable with ease
  • Fabric that resists wear


  • Not well ventilated


The Fishpond Burrito bag is a great option if you’re searching for the best wader bags that have enough room for your boots, suit, and other essential fishing gear.

5. Fly Fishing Wader Storage Bag: Best Entry-Level Wader Bag

Fly Fishing Wader Storage Bag

For all aspiring anglers, the producers have created a wader bag that is affordable, durable, and trustworthy. The Kylebooker wader bag is ideal if you’re new to the adventure and don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. 

One wader suit and a pair of boots fit within the backpack with ease in terms of space. We also included some munchies, a fishing line, and a reel box. The mesh covering the top of the bag guarantees enough ventilation and rapid drying of the contents within. 

Even without shoulder straps, carrying the backpack is still convenient. Water cannot penetrate through the fabric of the bag because of its waterproof and sturdy bottom half. It maintains the car’s cleanliness. The quality of the zips was a little mediocre, but adequate considering the cost.


  • Outstanding value for the money
  • Good amount of storage
  • Waterproof foundation


  • The quality of the zippers is not top-notch


For novice anglers looking to buy a reasonably priced yet really useful bag, the Kylebooker is a terrific option.

6. ALPS OutdoorZ Wader Bag – Realtree MAX-7: Best Waterproof Wader Bag

ALPS OutdoorZ Wader Bag - Realtree MAX-7

The wader bag is just one of the fantastic products that the Alps have consistently produced for hunting and fishing. The flip-top cover and pull-out mat set this bag apart from others. 

There’s enough room in the bag for a pair of boots, a wader suit, and other stuff. Its great functionality for large volumes is part of its design. This bag offers the best waterproofing capabilities, in our opinion. We placed a filthy, wet wader inside the bag, and not even the tiniest bit of penetration occurred. 

The pull-out mat design that does not remain in the bag was a huge hit with our staff. It can be utilized for entering and exiting the wader. Its camp style and storage capacity make it one of the best wader bags for hunting as well.


  • Rapid-release pull-out mat
  • Mud-proof, easily-cleanable lining
  • Strap with padding on the shoulders


  • Absence of ventilation mesh


Are you an angler who occasionally sees himself pursuing wild creatures in the woods? You need this incredibly roomy wader bag.

7. Banded Arc Welded Waterproof Wader Bag 600D Fabric Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades: Best Fishing And Hunting Wader Bag

Banded Arc Welded Waterproof Wader Bag 600D Fabric Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Blades

An excellent option that hunters might utilize as well as anglers. This product is superior to others because of its large storage capacity and mudproof characteristics. It can safely store anything, even boots and wader suits, without leaking. 

We were able to move our muddy boots and wader inside the bag without letting any dirt get into the car or anywhere else because of this feature. Because of its great adaptability, we were able to customize it as needed. Our team members packed essential hunting and fishing gear in the bag with ease by using a separate mat.

On the dry goods, no mud nor water was transferred. You can fit a whole duck inside of it, given its size and robustness. Therefore, it’s fair to say that this product is the best wader bag for waterfowl. Since it lacks mesh vents, you must remove it as soon as possible to avoid the bag developing mold and developing an unpleasant odor.  


  • Dry and pristine transportation
  • Relaxed shoulder drop
  • Incredibly strong


  • Lack of vents


The Banded Arc bag would be ideal if you’re looking for a long-lasting, roomy wader bag at an affordable price.

8. Bw Sports Waders and Wading Boots Storage Carry Bag, Olive, WD-1000 large: Best Ventilated Wader Bag

Bw Sports Waders and Wading Boots Storage Carry Bag, Olive, WD-1000 large

One of the best purchases a fly fisherman can make is a wader bag with genuine ventilation. This amazing backpack, available from BW Sports, has a sizable section for your wader outfit and boots. In addition, three roomy pockets on the outside provide easy access. 

The outside pockets allowed us to conveniently store fly boxes, reels, fishing lines, and other devices like cell phones and GPS. In relation to ventilation, the PVC-coated mesh vents provide excellent breathability and airflow.

Consequently, there was no odor in the bag from our dirty suit and boots. As it happened, they weren’t very wet when we took them outside. This bag is identical to the Simms taco and features zippers that are waterproof. It is not as substantial as other options, though.


  • A big changing mat that rolls up
  • Many compartments for storage
  • Resists harm from saltwater


  • There may have been more room in the main compartment


One of the most crucial elements of wader bags is effective ventilation. The best mesh vents for constant ventilation are found on this BW Sports bag. 

9. SITKA Gear Waterproof Hunting Wader Storage Bag, Timber, OSFA: Best Hunting Wader Bag

SITKA Gear Waterproof Hunting Wader Storage Bag, Timber, OSFA

Anglers who do not know the proper size may occasionally purchase the incorrect one. Nothing will go wrong with the SITKA wader bag. It is well-known for being extremely adaptable and having a one size fits all quality. 

Whether you hunt waterfowl or fly fish, this bag can hold all of your gear, including boots and a wader suit. Our staff went completely crazy with this bag, despite the high price tag. 

Like other backpacks, this one has a pull-out pad to make changing into waders simple. This backpack has a really entertaining multipurpose buckle that doubles as a bottle opener.


  • Highly durable
  • Suitable for all hunters and anglers
  • Carry-ability even when filled


  • Very costly


It is undoubtedly among the best wader bags for amateurs who won’t accept anything less, given the features and pricing.

10. Orvis Wader Mud Room Tote Bag: Best Wader Bags For The Money

Orvis Wader Mud Room Tote Bag

These wader storage bags are likewise one size fits all, much like the SITKA bags. We brought it for shooting ducks and fly fishing. It goes without saying that the bag was strong enough for both uses. 

This product’s standout feature is its mud room, which has a larger pull-out mat than those of its rivals. We could change into and out of waders and boots without making a mess as a result. 

TPU is applied to the fabric, which is made entirely of recycled polyester. It is in charge of keeping dirt and water from soaking through the cloth. Regarding ventilation, as the bag lacks mesh vents, you shouldn’t keep the filthy boots and wader inside for an extended period of time.


  • Large floor area
  • Perfect for keeping boots and waders stored
  • Proof against dirt and water


  • No external pockets
  • Absence of vents


All things considered, the Orvis wader bag might be an excellent option for anglers in need of a long-lasting storage bag.

Buying Guide

Prior to making a purchase, it’s crucial to read the best wader bag reviews, but it’s also critical to comprehend the following crucial factors. 

1. Types Of Wader Bags

Many individuals are unaware that wader bags come in several varieties based on their intended usage. The three typical kinds consist of: 

1.1 Duffel Bags

These bags are incredibly waterproof and can be manufactured from natural or synthetic fabrics. Heavy fishing gear is carried in duffel bags because they are more durable than other wader bags. 

These bags are perfect for storing dry fishing equipment. Speaking about your wader costume, the waterproofing aspect of the bag will protect it from the surrounding dirt. The lack of ventilation capabilities prevents it from drying your wader while it’s inside the bag. 

1.2 Genuine Ventilated Bags

These bags are perfect for keeping wet objects, as their name implies. Everything within the bag will stay dry if there is enough and ongoing airflow. Ventilated bags are a convenient way to store your damp wader. 

To prevent the non-waterproof objects from becoming wet, you may need to carry them in your backpack. The BW Sports Wader Bag is our top choice for a real ventilated bag.

1.3 Combination Bags

With separate pockets for dry and damp goods, they are perhaps the best wader bags available. You can fit all of your equipment, including electronics and wet wader costumes, into a single combination pack thanks to these bags. 

2. WaterProof

Fly fishing gear and accessories are often damp. As a result, to keep the wet stuff safe, an angler needs a bag that can withstand water. A waterproof bag will keep the odor contained within and preserve the quality of your surroundings. 

Additionally, these wader bags are perfect for rainy days when you want to protect all of your valuables from water intrusion. Our field research indicates that the ALPS Outdoorz Bag is the most remarkable and effective waterproof wader bag available.

3. Comfort

Comfort is a consideration that many anglers forget to consider while selecting the best wader bags. Keep in mind that an object that has been wet will always weigh twice as much. As a result, carrying a heavy backpack during a fishing trip might be inconvenient and lead to shoulder and back pain.

Seeking a bag with a carry strap is recommended as it provides the highest level of comfort. When carrying, the Fishpond Burrito Wader and Boot Travel Bag provide exceptional comfort.

4. Quick Drying

It is an additional important factor to consider when purchasing a wader bag. Because your wet wader suit will be stuffed inside the bag, the quick-drying material will help keep smells out of the bag. That being said, you can prevent mold growth in your wader and other belongings by using a bag with enough ventilation and materials that dry quickly. Take a look at the Kylebooker Fly Fishing Storage Bag if you’re looking for a well-ventilated bag that dries the contents quickly.


Is it possible to keep wader boots in my wader bag?

Since they are packed full of dirt, it is not a good idea to store them in a wader bag. For this reason, a wading boot bag works ideal. If you don’t have one, wrap the boots with plastic waste bags and fasten them with a zip tie. When fully packed, you may either carry them individually or store them in the wader bag if you’d like.

Does my wader bag need to be washed?

Yes, make sure to give the bag a gentle wash after each use to avoid mold growth or unpleasant odors as well as to maintain it clean and clear of debris.


Although wader bags are essential for anglers, selecting the proper one takes careful thought. Make a shortlist of the top wader bags by going through a wide range and selecting the attributes you want. Because of the Fishpond Green River Wader Bag’s exceptional durability and outstanding waterproofing, our fly fishing specialists like it. It is also one of the most reasonably priced wader bags available.

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