10 Best Wading Socks (Wader Socks Reviews)

10 Best Wading Socks (Wader Socks Reviews)
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If you fly fish barefooted below wading boots or wading pants, then congrats! Purchasing the best wading socks for fly fishing is a must to express your care for your feet because it’s not really achievable.

Wetsox wader socks are the best, hands down, that we have discovered after searching for the best bargains available. Our fellow anglers have praised the proper fit, exceptional breathability, and capacity to keep feet warm and comfortable. That is insufficient! These socks, in the opinion of our experts, are ideal for all water sports.

While searching for the best wader socks, we have observed the dependability and functionality of a number of other wet wading versions. The following includes a few that have endured in our memories.

10 Best Wading Socks For Fly Fishing

1. Wetsox Frictionless 2.5 MM Wader Sock: Best Neoprene Wading Socks

Wetsox Frictionless 2.5 MM Wader Sock

As a result of their snug fit and frictionless exterior material, Wetsox’s frictionless wader socks are an excellent option for the best wet wading shoes. 

Our testers found these socks to be useful in both the summer and the winter when they wore them for fly fishing. Without making feet numb, these neoprene socks provide complete protection from the foot to the calf. These provided our testers with quite warm feet during the winter when worn below waders.

Sliding into and out of waders or wading boots is now easier than ever thanks to their snug fit and ample room for feet.

The strengthened heels and toes ensure your feet are protected even with the product’s durability. Although Wetsox never claims that their socks are waterproof, it is impressive that they can keep feet warm and comfortable. 


  • Warm, damp or dry wading socks
  • Robust style
  • Suitable for throughout the year usage
  • Breathable


  • Not cozy against the leg’s shin

2. Simms Men’s Guide Guard Socks: Best Gravel Guards Wading Socks

Simms Men's Guide Guard Socks

Let’s suppose that without any of Simms’s items, your fly fishing gear is lacking. For a few good reasons, these are our favorite wading socks from Simms.

These are great for on their own without the need for waders since they include gravel protectors that fold over the socks. Sand fragments are kept out of wading shoes by gravel guards. The ideal sock length is slightly above your shoe to provide a secure hold and prevent grit buildup on your foot.

Our testers are impressed with Simms socks since they weigh a lot less than the typical neoprene socks available on the market. Neoprene’s breathability and moisture-wicking qualities never diminish, regardless of the kind of wading conditions—wet or dry.

These socks count on your foot protection. Anglers are forced to give up their freedom of movement in the water because many wading socks get sloppy, crumpled, or too tight. However, Simms excels in this area by adding a clip to hold the sock in place.

In addition, if there is a sizing problem, Simms provides excellent customer care for exchanging these socks.


  • Both odorless and breathable
  • Snug-fitting
  • Made in USA
  • Outstanding foot protection


  • For beginner anglers, getting the ideal size might be a challenge

3. Korkers I- Drain Neoprene Wading Sock, 2.5mm: Best For Winter Fishing

Korkers I- Drain Neoprene Wading Sock, 2.5mm

Korkers offers an additional professional wading sock in the neoprene wading socks category. Here, we’ve focused on the distinctive appearance, expected warmth, and comfort needed for lengthy fly-fishing treks.

The first thing that caught our testers’ eye about these socks was their design. Most of the time, your socks slide down into your shoes during wet wading. But this one is distinct because of its special design, which fits snugly around your ankle.

Not only do your feet receive good grit protection, but each sock’s cushioned heels and toes give an unbeatable level of durability. All Korkers Wading boots are totally compatible with these socks.

Similar to its rival models made by Simms and Wetsox, they hold onto heat to keep your feet toasty. If you’re willing to spend a little more money, choose Korkers’ premium 3.5mm neoprene socks to get further advantages.

When you run out of water, it’s impossible to ignore how quickly your feet dry out. They are designed by Korkers to be flawless and are simple to put on and take off.


  • Quick-drying socks for fishing
  • Avoid muddy feet when wading in the water
  • Thick and packed with neoprene
  • Fantastic fit


  • Not the best for wet wading in milder temperatures

4. SEALSKINZ unisex Waterproof Cold Weather Knee Length Sock: Best Merino Wool Socks

SEALSKINZ unisex Waterproof Cold Weather Knee Length Sock

Blisters, immersion in the cold, or frostbite won’t deter steelhead chasers from snagging the most sought-after fish in the sport. Therefore, this Sealskinz choice is everything you need to fly fish in cold water areas of Oregon or Alaska

The Best waterproof socks for wading are a fallacy since wet wading will eventually get your feet wet. But Sealskinz has gone above and above by producing fishing socks that will stay mostly dry. 

Despite this, they provide your feet with exceptional warmth and comfort. Merino wool is used inside to keep your feet cool and dry. On the other hand, the hydrophilic outer material prevents water from penetrating the sock, making it waterproof.

Fishermen must struggle to put on and take off even the best neoprene wading socks; they are an obvious choice. They are easy to put on and take off, just like any other cotton sock. They also provide a seamless fit by hugging your leg and foot.

This option’s larger price tag is one possible drawback, but at that price, it shouldn’t be a deal breaker.


  • Increased capacity to repel water
  • Keep your feet cool and dry
  • More comfortable to wear
  • Excellent for cold fish expeditions
  • Fits really nicely


  • Astronomically high
  • Not entirely waterproof

5. SuMade Waterproof Socks, Men Women Knee High Hiking Kayaking Socks 1 Pair: Best For Wet Wading

SuMade Waterproof Socks, Men Women Knee High Hiking Kayaking Socks 1 Pair

Sumade waterproof wading socks are certain to please, whether you hike for fish all year round or wet wade in the frigid temperatures. These socks keep your feet completely dry while offering adequate ventilation for comfortable and warm fishing.

These have three layers of structure, the same as Sealskinz. Our testers, however, gushed over how much better they were than the others. Water-repellent nylon is used on top; a waterproof membrane is used in the second layer; and cutting-edge Coolmax fabric is used in the last inner layer. Therefore, even if water gets into the sock, the Coolmax lining will drain it away to keep your feet dry.

To prevent any unwanted suffering, the heels and toes are cushioned. Not to add, its suppleness makes it easy for the wearer to glide into and out of fishing waders or shoes. Finding an appropriate fit for your size is important, though, since they can become overly tight or sloppy on the calf.

All things considered, this is the ideal rig to use in wild freestone fisheries with lots of stones. 


  • Reasonably priced
  • Completely waterproof
  • Excellent for maintaining warm and dry feet
  • Increased padding in the footbed, toes, and heels


  • Difficult to fit properly

6. Darn Tough (Style #1466) Men’s Merino Wool Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Socks: The Most Comfortable Wading Socks

Darn Tough (Style #1466) Men's Merino Wool Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Socks

Your feet can flood if you’re soaked wading in a temperature lower than thirty degrees. Similarly, your feet will still sweat even if you’re dry wading at 50 degrees above ambient temperature. But when you wear these socks, you won’t have to worry about staying cool or dry on your feet in any of the scenarios. Put simply, they never lose breathability.

According to our checklist, comfort is the key consideration when purchasing quality fishing socks. We can always count on Darn Tough Micro Crew socks to be comfortable against our skin and not to smell or itch. The total feeling is further enhanced by the padding from the toes to the heel. 

To properly match your foot size with all things, four different sizes are offered. Because merino is elastic, these socks conform to the curve of your foot. It is necessary to layer these socks below in order to increase the insulation and keep feet warm in below-freezing weather. However, this is a trade-off characteristic that doesn’t make this great offer any less worthy of being regarded as the top fly fishing wading socks.


  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Washable in the machine
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Ideal for fly fishing in mild condition


  • Reduced capacity to insulate

7. Ducks Unlimited Men’s Wool Blend Wader Socks, Tan, Large: The Coziest Wading Socks

Ducks Unlimited Men's Wool Blend Wader Socks, Tan, Large

These socks from Duck Unlimited may remarkably meet your wet wading demands because they are made of 80% Merino wool. 

Why is it worthwhile to try this sock for fishing? Because this sock is made of more Merino strands, it has greater moisture-wicking capabilities. Once more, the socks are able to keep your feet warmer than any other comparable Merino wool sock since they contain more wool. 

If you are fond of lengthy fishing socks, consider going with this alternative. You receive adequate comfort from your toes to the knee and even higher, making your wading experience rewarding. Socks with more thickness and knee height are a popular option for wading in the cold.

Additionally, you don’t have to struggle to get into and out of your wading boots or waders as necessary. When it comes to putting them on and taking them off, the pullover design is among the simplest.

This is an eye-catching bargain that is also reasonably priced.


  • Thicker and heavier Socks made of wool
  • Fantastic for use in fly fishing conditions close to 20 degrees
  • Offer superior defense from the toes to the knee
  • Sturdy and cozy
  • Stops blisters


  • For a short angler, 26-inch socks could be rather lengthy

8. Simms Fishing Products Women’s Merino Thermal OTC Sock, Seafoam: Best For Women

Simms Fishing Products Women's Merino Thermal OTC Sock, Seafoam

Merino socks are no exception to Simms’s reputation for superb quality in fishing gear. These socks are ideal for fly fishing all year long since they are superior to typical polyester or cotton socks. These socks absorb up water more effectively than others without leaving your feet feeling drenched. Similar to this, if they have more breathability, your feet will stay extremely cool while you wear them under your waders and perspire all over them.

 A fantastic sock should fit well, and Simms’s sock will last for many years. It is designed to provide better and warmer wading conditions by covering both your foot and leg. The OTC socks seem to caress your feet with additional cushioning on the toes, midfoot, and heel.

Furthermore, the distinctive design doesn’t sag and keeps your skin from being irritated or rubbed against. If you think that “you get what you pay for,” then spending a little more money for these more expensive socks won’t bother you.


  • Gentle to the skin socks
  • Maintains extreme cold and dryness
  • No smell
  • Provides total defense against blisters


  • More costly in some way than other Merino wool socks

9. Riverruns Frictionless Wading Socks, Neoprene Wet-suit Wader socks: Best Wading Socks For Money

Riverruns Frictionless Wading Socks, Neoprene Wet-suit Wader socks

It seems ludicrous to expect knee-deep comfort while wet wade fishing in chilly northern rivers. However, fans are aware of how to flip the situation by spending money on high-quality Neoprene wading socks. Since the wearer’s warmth and comfort are still essential, this is a good offer on the finest socks for fishing waders.

To begin with, since these socks are made of Neoprene, they are exceptionally warm and require the least amount of layering underneath to improve insulation. They are worthwhile to try for rivers supplied by glaciers.

This does not mean that you cannot use them in the summer for fishing. Your foot stays cool thanks to the good ventilation of this sock. 

The Wetsox frictionless sock is modeled off the Neoprene sock by Riverruns. The best socks for wading boots are those with an anti-slip exterior, which allows for a seamless transition in and out of waders or boots.

The fit of these socks is the primary problem that our testers ran across. They felt a little snug around the calf, despite their claim to be flexible to match a certain size. Regardless of your calf’s length, choose a size larger to allow for flexibility. Nevertheless, we adore this sock for its construction and longevity.


  • Strong and well-built construction
  • Well-insulated to keep feet warm
  • Excellent beneath fishing waders


  • It’s difficult to acquire the proper fit because they either become tiny or baggy

10. Simms Neoprene Wading Socks, Fly Fishing Wader Stocking: Best Socks For Drying Feet

Simms Neoprene Wading Socks, Fly Fishing Wader Stocking

We weren’t expecting anything less from these neoprene socks because we already had an excellent experience with Simms Gravel Guards wading socks. We are in love with the socks and the brand since they are spot-on and include all the essential elements of classic neoprene socks.

We gave these socks a better comfort rating than the typical Neoprene socks. From your toes to the middle of your leg, the pattern follows your skin, eliminating wrinkles. 

The thoughtful construction is placed next to the design. Even though neoprene is naturally breathable, each sock is made even more breathably by the addition of an airprene wall beneath the footbed. If keeping your feet cooler on hotter summer days is vital to you, then take this into consideration. 

These socks are also the best for wading in the winter. Anglers may get some reasonable warmth from the sock by having it cover their leg to the middle of their calf. These aren’t waterproof, though.

To be objective, there were a couple challenges we had in locating the ideal match for our size. These socks could require a size decrease rather than an increase. Still, these continue to be considered as the top wading socks.


  • Superior construction quality
  • A dependable and trustworthy product
  • Excellent for both wet and dry wading
  • The design fits all foot shapes


  • Not resistant to water

Buying guide

Wading requires you to remain in a body of water for a certain amount of time, so your feet—if you’re wearing waders or wading booties—may always become wet. You need to know what kind of material wading socks are made of since standard cotton socks won’t keep your feet dry in the water.

Types of wading socks

1. Neoprene wading socks

The most common material utilized to make wading socks is neoprene. When wading in the summer, Neoprene socks and a good pair of wading shoes are the only things that will keep your feet warm if the wader feels heavier and warmer on the torso. 

However, when it comes to fly fishing in chilly rivers, Neoprene’s enhanced insulation and water resistance also make them a worthwhile investment.

2. Merino wool wading socks

Outdoor enthusiasts have long been familiar with Merino wool because of its superior moisture absorption capabilities and skin-friendly properties. They are ideal to wear beneath a wader in cold weather because they don’t sacrifice warmth either. 

Key Features To Look For In Wading Socks

You can’t stop here. The ideal socks for fly fishing, whether made of neoprene or merino wool, have the following qualities.

1. Comfort

If a wading sock pinches your feet, it’s no use. Therefore, while purchasing socks for fly fishing waders, comfort should be your first priority. Proper fit and a wading sock’s thick sole cushioning are key components of comfort. 

The correct size of a wader sock is something you cannot ignore. In addition to allowing water to seep through, a sagging sock can also allow debris and stones to graze your skin. Thus, you need socks that fit your feet properly to avoid blisters.

Likewise, knee-length wading socks are your best option if you’re looking for increased warmth and protection for your feet.

2. Breathability

The degree of breathability in wading socks is a direct indicator of how comfortable they will be for you. Both Neoprene and Merino wool socks breathe wonderfully. However, Merino wool socks are superior if more breathability is needed since the fibers optimally absorb moisture and perspiration to keep your feet fresh and comfortable.

3. Gravel protectors

Sand or gravel particles, small enough to get into your best wading boots pair, can get inside whether you fish in freshwater or saltwater. But the goal of socks with gravel guards is to prevent those tiny particles from getting inside your wading shoes.

4. Durability 

If you use wading socks regularly, they should last you for many years. When not in use, keep them dry and clean to extend their lifespan.


Are wading socks water resistant?

The wading socks are meant to be waterproof, however they ultimately get wet on your feet.

Which kind of socks is superior, merino wool or neoprene?

It is dependent upon your usage and personal preferences. Merino is a great option if you fly fish in the winter since it keeps your feet dry and odorless. Neoprene works great for fly fishing in the summertime without the need for waders.

Does wearing wading socks mean wearing extra layers?

It is preferable to layer under your socks to keep your feet warmer when wading in chilly water.


You should not be intimidated by choosing the best wading socks because you are well-versed on the subject. In short, good fly fishing socks keep your feet warm and free of blisters. If you’re a fan of Merino wool, Simms OTC socks are also a great option. If you’re only looking for the best wader socks for fly fishing, Simms Gravel Guards Neoprene variation is a terrific choice.

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