Simms Freestone Waders Review

Simms Freestone Waders Review
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Wet wading is appropriate as long as it never poses a threat to your comfort or safety. However, there are situations and places when having a good pair of waders becomes essential. I constantly keep an eye out for any outstanding waders that are receiving praise from seasoned fishermen since I love to fish in waders. My overall opinion on fly fishing with quality waders and a focus on results is summarized in the Simms Freestone waders review. 

I used to use Simms G3 waders on all of my fishing excursions before discovering freestone waders. Since they lasted me for a solid ten years, these waders have, in my opinion, elevated the reputation of Simms. (P.S. I only go fishing on really random weekends).

Because they are thicker and packed with features for winter fly fishing adventures, they are performing really well. But I was looking for waders that needed to be more comfortable and considerably lighter for hot summer days. Above all, durable waders are essential for every type of fishing, whether it is freestone or tailwater.

I’ve heard positive things about Simms Freestone waders from seasoned fishermen. I made the decision to try them out.

Simms Freestone waders have held up rather well, in my experience, after being put to the test in a variety of fishing situations. 

To have it all for the next level of fishing, read our comprehensive Simms Freestone waders review. It covers functionality, durability, and comfort.

Why Simms Freestone Waders are my choice

Every time I have the chance, I go fishing. However, I don’t fish 30 days a month like other fishermen do. G3 waders appeared a little bulkier, more expensive, and less packable for sporadic fishing excursions that almost totaled thirty days per year. 

I can’t resist upgrading to a Freestone waders choice because I reside in Oregon and my favorite place to go fishing is Gore Creek with freestone fishery.

Simms Men's Freestone Stockingfoot Chest-High Fishing Waders - Durable, Breathable, Performance-Driven Waterproof Waders

I know where to put my faith because I have utilized Simms in the past. Simms has been making amazing fly fishing waders since the 1980s. They provide a range of sizes and designs so that everyone may get the ideal fit. Whether you’re fishing in Alaska or hunting in your backyard, Simms has the answers for you! This review of Simms Stockingfoot waders gives a very good idea of how legitimate the firm is.

These waders meet all of my needs for fly fishing: they fit snugly and are versatile enough to be used for both mild winter days and hot summer days.

Thus, this evaluation of the Simms Freestone waders is intended for other anglers who are wondering if they are the best fly fishing waders and if they’re worth the money.

Freestone in contrast to other waders

G3 waders against Simms Freestone? Between these two, there really isn’t a winner because how effective each is mostly relies on your own tastes. But allow me to share my research with Simms freestone and G3 waders. 

In order to help you understand the differences between Whether I was using them in tailwater or freestone fisheries, my G3 was robustly made and held up really well. However, even though the Gore-tex G3 waders are meant to give insulation, using them for extended hiking and fishing days during moderate summers made me feel overheated.

Conversely, Freestone waders are made of Toray material, which isn’t as robust as the G3 or G4 waders made by Gore-tex. However, Freestone waders are on par with Simms’ Guide series waders in terms of breathability and waterproofing.

Second, the cost is the primary distinction between G3 and Freestone waders. Simms G3 waders cost more than Simms Freestone waders. Fortunately, Simms’s Freestone retains all of its features and efficacy albeit at a lower price. Freestone has a wading belt, a wonderful suspender system, and a zipper. 

The fact that Simms’ waders are significantly lighter than Orvis‘ was also unexpected. Simms waders in the same size weigh around 50 grams less than waders from Orvis, a brand that is renowned for providing fly fishermen with the lightest possible waders. Simms undoubtedly has this edge over Orvis. The good news is that neither wader’s level of comfort has changed. Simms waders are suitable for strolling and wading styles of fishing if you are not a frequent fisherman.

Simms Tributary waders also drew my eye when I was looking for waders for spring creek fishing. I found the freestone waders to be more durable than the Simms Tributary waders. The material used to make tributary waders is ordinary polyester, which can leak when fishing in freestone rivers. 

Thus, if an angler were to ask me which waders are better—Simms Freestone or Tributary—I would probably advise choosing the latter if fly fishing requires greater freedom of movement in the water. However, Tributary can’t beat Freestone waders for strength and increased insulation.

Salient characteristics of Simms Freestone Waders

In my evaluation of the Simms Freestone Zippered waders, I’ve learned about several incredible advantages this equipment has over its rivals. Some of the primary characteristics of freestone waders are as follows:

Simms Freestone Waders


In the fishing market, Simms is a well-known brand for providing top-notch fishing gear. Compared to waders from other reputable brands, the Freestone waders are designed to endure longer. 

If I fish 40–50 days a year on average, my waders should hold up well and have a longer tread life. In terms of quality, Simms has never let me down, so these waders are definitely worth a try.

This four-layered wader from Simms is made with heavy-duty Toray fabric and their exclusive quadralam technology, making it an excellent choice for deep water or rough terrain. 

The fact that this wader’s seams held together while I extended my leg is undoubtedly due to its excellent quality. The Simms appears to have a knack for making buyers swoon over their fishing equipment.


Freestone waders by Simms are available in many sizes, much like their other series. The correct size waders may make all the difference in an enjoyable fishing session. Large-fitting waders require the wearer to drag the outfit with more power than small-fitting waders, which may limit mobility. I thus opted to choose a size that fit my stature.

Simms’ size chart is always reliable. I was happy that my G3 waders and my Freestone suited me in the same manner. Even though the wader’s neoprene socks suited my legs snugly, I could still feel that I had plenty of room to move around. When I attempted to sit or bend in my waders, this was verified. Shoulder straps allow the wader’s chest to be adjusted to the angler’s specific requirements. 

Simms offers a selection of freestone waders that are tailored especially for ladies based on their fit. Finding the best waders for women can be challenging, but with all of its amazing features, Freestone quickly rises to the top of our list.

Be aware that these waders must be paired with the best wading boots. 


Before using these waders, I wasn’t sure if neoprene or breathable waders were better since these weren’t constructed of thick Gore-tex or neoprene. However, Toray, which was utilized to make these waders, is among the highest quality materials. Despite being thin, it is highly breathable and waterproof. I stayed as dry as possible thanks to the neoprene stockings. However, the material is rather breathable overall.

To guarantee that the seams are waterproof, a strong, watertight stitch is used during sewing. It is possible to modify the waders to provide a snug, comfortable fit. To protect the waders from drooping and to keep them in place, wader straps can be fastened. Finally, it’s critical to store the waders in the best wader bag in order to extend their lifespan.


The Simms Waders Freestone version’s versatility to various temperature situations is what makes them  beautiful. Freestone rivers are often supplied by snowmelt, therefore during the winter, the water supply is probably cooler. Moreover, natural water may be warmer in the summer.

The best thing about this outfit is that, while not being neoprene, the Freestone kept me fairly warm for extended periods of time in chilly climates, putting them among the best waders for cold water. In moderate weather, the permeable material of the waders kept me cool.


Have you ever wondered why serious anglers use Simms waders? because Simms offers the most dependable and greatest pricing. Simms fishing waders are ideal for surf fishing and are suitable for all types of fishing, from angling in seawater to deeper waters.

Capability to Pack

Since they are compact and lightweight, they don’t take up much space in your backpack. 


In my opinion, Freestone offers the most value for the money when it comes to the features it offers, and their cost is affordable when compared to other high-end waders. The purposeful omission of a storage bag and a few more compartments allows the product to remain less expensive than competitors like Orvis waders. 

Nevertheless, the inadequacy has no impact on the functionality of Freestone waders. Therefore, Simms is outperforming its rivals for this price range.

Yet Freestone waders shouldn’t be at the top of your list if you’re searching for the best affordable waders.


Simms designed this wader to provide its user the greatest amount of flexibility and mobility. Without obstructing your normal range of motion, the hangings stay on your shoulder when you move, walk, and climb. 

Wader belt

The wading belt is useful and has five belt loops so you may customize the wader to fit your needs.


When needed, there are hand-warming pockets to keep your chilly fingers toasty. However, you may wish to include a few more pockets or aqua packs to store your other priceless fishing equipment.


The Simms Freestone waders‘ most practical feature is the frontal zipper. It has enough room to store fly boxes and is waterproof. The Freestone waders with a zip-on design are strong and consistently keep your possessions dry.


With a one-year warranty, Simms is standing behind these waders. Simms offers the best customer service by providing repairs or replacements in the event of damage or leakage.

Note that this guarantee does not cover normal wear and tear that results from frequent or heavy use.

Some minor concerns

No matter how strong they are, waders can still have problems. Leaks are the most frequent problem with Simms Freestone waders. Although they can arise at any time, prolonged use increases the likelihood of them. Since Simms is a product of the United States, it reacts to consumer concerns promptly and fixes the problem.

These waders are made of non-insulated Toray material, making them lightweight. Wearing these waders in rivers and creeks fed by melting snow is strongly discouraged because the water temperature in these areas is below freezing. This isn’t a deal-breaker feature, though, because you can always put thermal layers inside the waders to stay warm when nymphing.

Due to their four layers of cloth, these waders could feel more heated on a hot summer day. 

Value for money

Sincerity be told, these freestone waders are rather affordable. The efficiency doesn’t drop if there are certain helpful elements absent, such a storage bag, additional pockets, or a tippet tender. 

 A price around $400 seems reasonable for a wader that provides performance and durability on par with many high-end waders.


  • Breathable material
  • Excellent waders for little rivers and streams
  • A chest pocket that is waterproof
  • Pocket warmer for hands
  • An adjustable suspension system
  • Given a one-year guarantee
  • Well worth the money
  • Both cozy and robust
  • Provides lots of movement


  • Not as packable as Simms’ G3 waders
  • Not appropriate in extremely cold temperatures


My opinion on the Simms Freestone waders review is that they are a good option for fishermen on a reasonable budget who want high-quality, luxurious waders. Whether you choose to fish in or out of the water, they are made to withstand a variety of weather situations.

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